FIFA 21 Career: 5 Pro Tips to Start Your Dream Team

FIFA 21 Career Mode is one of the most exciting modes in the upcoming FIFA 21. EA almost hasn't touched anything from Career Mode for years, and when they announced massive changes that will be made in FIFA 21 Career Mode, fans were more than excited. 

With that in mind, the career mode's goal is to present the managerial world's best portrayal in the most fun way possible. 

Whether you're looking to develop your own star-studded Galactico squad or recreating Sir Alex Ferguson's infamous 'Class of '92,' we got you covered!

Look for challenges in FIFA 21 career mode

Managing the top dogs in the game with a wide-range set of transfer budgets like Real Madrid or Manchester City is far too easy. So, why don't you take on Europeans' sleeping giants and guide them to the glory?

If you're looking for a reasonable challenge, AC Milan is a good start. The team, led by Alessio Romagnoli, has been off the radar for so many years. Young talents like Sandro Tonali, Brahim Diaz, Gigi Donarumma, Theo Hernandez, and Jens Petter Hauge are hungry to bring Rossoneri's old glory days back.

If AC Milan is still too easy for you, try managing a club you're not familiar with. FIFA 21 has over 30 leagues, and your options are limitless. 

Don't sim, always play

Yes, FIFA 21 CM might let you sim any match and progress the day, but don't do it. Always play your games because you'll be able to get the best out of your players. You can't always rely on the game's AI. 

If you're still too lazy to do that, you can sim the match and hop on whenever a decisive moment happens. Maybe let your goalkeeper score a match-defining penalty? Why not?

Look out for young talents

FIFA 21 is stocked with young talents. Like Kylian Mbappe, Ansu Fati, or Erling Haaland, some familiar faces that we know will be super-pricey. 

That said, hire state-of-art scouts to scout the best & cheapest wonderkids all around the globe. 

If that's not enough, join FIFA's online forum fanbases on Reddit or Facebook. For example, Dan-Axel Zagadou, a tall center back from Borussia Dortmund, has 79. For a 21-year-old, that's pretty impressive. Rayan Cherki of Olympique Lyonnaise and Florian Wirtz of Bayern 04 Leverkusen are also reliable, with 79 ratings for each. 

Short on money? Change your players' positions

Gareth Bale started his career as an offensive fullback for Southampton and Tottenham Hotspurs. As he developed, the Welshman began playing as a winger, and the result is explosive. 

So, why don't you try your own Bale story? If you're short on money, you can develop a defensive midfielder into a robust and reliable center back. You can also train your second striker as an attacking midfielder. 

Pay attention to your players' match sharpness

Match sharpness plays a massive part in FIFA 21 career mode. It's a brand-new 0-to-100 indicator that tells you how ready your player is to play a match. 

To dominate the league, you need your players always to be sharp whenever required. You can't win the league if the sharp players you have are only the first-team starters. 

Build your players' match sharpness through the training schedule. You can risk playing them only against weaker clubs or as a sub.

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