PewDiePie's Workout Routine: The YouTube Star Shares His Secret On Instagram

PewDiePie's workout routine is fantastic, and this time, he isn't holding back from sharing his' secrets.'

Just when we thought 2020 couldn't get any more surprising, the YouTube star became an internet hot topic after posting his ripped physique on Instagram.

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 Last day of no simp September boys A post shared by  PewDiePie (@pewdiepie) on Sep 30, 2020 at 3:57am PDT

"Last day of no simp September boys," he captioned it for his 21.1 million followers.

In fact, this wasn't the first time Pewds showed off his well-defined abs. Back in May, his wife, Marzia, posted a shirtless picture of himself on Instagram. Pewds is seen wearing a headphone and making a thumb gesture.

PewDiePie's workout routine

Recently, the Swedish-based-in-England took to his Instagram story to reveal his fantastic routine.

"My goal has not been to grow muscle, but I wanted to just stay consistent with my workout routine more than anything. I think that has been the most key helpful factor," Pewds wrote.

In the next stories, Pewds revealed that he does push-ups on Mondays, leg day on Tuesdays, pull exercises on Wednesdays, another leg day on Thursdays, and push-up/pull-up on Fridays. He takes Saturdays and Sundays for time off.

Altering his siet is an important aspect in PewDiePie's workout

PewDiePie also encourages us to eat healthily and avoid high-sugar foods and beverages. Sugar stores many calories, and it could increase the chance of getting heart disease or diabetes.

"Stop eating s**t food. High sugar food/drinks bad. Alcohol bad, high fat bad," Pewds wrote.

"Protein (AOUH) keeps you full for longer. Protein is your friendo."

Consistency is the key in PewDiePie's workout

Lastly, Pewds mentioned that the key to his bizarre transformation is consistency.

"Got no time in your day to exercise? No one has time, that's why you have to make new habits in your life," said the YouTuber.

"Replace 1h of social media with exercise. Make new good habits out of bad ones."

Pewds also shares his ordinary home setup. He's not a gym fan, so he takes this lockdown opportunity to work his abs from home.

Not the First Time

This series of Instagram stories is not the first time Pewds has ever shared his workout formula. Back in May, Pewds shared a fully-detailed video of his workout routine, and it's not as hard as you think it is.

"So on Mondays, I do push exercises, I do heavily on chest, and I finish off with shoulders. Tuesdays, I do legs, squats, dead-lifts, lunges. Wednesday, I do pull exercises. Thursday, I do leg again. And Friday, I finish with a mix of push and pull," explained Pewds.

"Lastly, if you feel good about yourself already, there's no shame whatever shape or size you are," Pewds closed the video. He emphasized that the video is never made to make anyone feel like "they have to be like this."

"This is just something that works for me, and I'm very happy of."

Check out the full video here.

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