Meet Kinzoo, A Child-Friendly Messaging App That 'Turns Screen Time Into Family Time'

The million-dollar question is, "Is there a child friendly social media app for our kids?"

Social media can be a double-edged sword. In some ways, it gives us a plethora of conveniences. Checking on the freshest sports results or previewing a brand-new music album has never been easier. You can tune into Twitter for the latest news or dive into YouTube for useful how-to tutorials.

On the other hand, big players in the tech world harvest our data unconsciously to the advertisers. It pretty much explains why you will see adverts about brand-new sneakers on any part of the web for days after you type 'best sneakers to buy in 2020' on your search box once.

In 2018, BBC reported the Cambridge Analytica scandal, where millions of Facebook users' data was harvested for political purposes without consent.

The list could go on and on. Your data is not just floating around the web. Somebody out there is collecting it and sharing it. As Netflix's new popular show The Social Dilemma puts it best, "If you're getting something for free, you're the product."

In the alarming age of social media, kids and early teens are always vulnerable to it. Not only does it contribute to the spiking number of children anxiety & depression, but it also plays a big part in cyberbullying since social media does not know any boundaries.

Meet Kinzoo, A Child Friendly Social Media App Designed For Kids

Kinzoo is a messaging application for mobile devices, developed by Kinzoo Technologies Inc. As a child friendly social media app, the main goal is to provide a safe space for children in the undeniable growth of the digital world.

The super-friendly user interface is the main feature of Kinzoo, making it comfortable for kids, parents, and even grandparents.

Unlike most social media applications, Kinzoo does not collect your data. You will never see a targeted-ad on the app or annoying subscription emails as you don't even need an email and a number phone to access it.

That said, you can never find a stranger luring on your kids on Kinzoo. Connections have to be made and approved by the parents.

On top of that, Kinzoo is a safe space for kids expressing themselves without the pressure of like and share amounts from their peers. Private group chats, endless collection of emojis, and reliable security will help you, as parents, build their social skills.

Sean Herman, the founder & CEO of Kinzoo, drew inspiration from a personal account. Herman is a father of two: a son & a daughter, and he founded Kinzoo in 2018.

"One evening, I watched her light up as she exchanged videos with her grandparents and had something of an epiphany: recognizing the massive potential for a product that connected families, I stayed up all night writing a business plan," the father of two wrote.

Kinzoo Messenger for Families is a child-friendly social media app, and it's available to download on App Store for iOS and Play Store for Android.

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