Online Surveys: A Way to Understand Today's World

Online Surveys: A Way to Understand Today's World
Photo : Online Surveys: A Way to Understand Today's World

There is a before and after when it comes to our world and the coronavirus crisis. It has changed everything, from the way we work to the way we behave with one another. In order to understand what this new world needs, PR firms all over the world have used the best way available tool to them today, online surveys, to understand the "new normal". And this is what they have found out.

Online Surveys on the Rise

"Everyone wants to do a survey!" That's what the president of Probolsky Research, Adam Probolsky, said when asked about the tendency to create online survey has been on the rise recently. He continued by saying that with more people staying at home, poll participation has gone up; therefore the margin of error has gone down.

In truth, online surveys have been gaining ground for a while now. They have become one of the preferred tools of marketers, politicians, organizations and e-boutiques alike, as they try to understand how to direct their message to their target, so that they will get them do adhere to it. Online surveys are easy to create, diffuse and analyze. To learn more on how you can prepare and launch your own survey, go here.

PR Firms want to know everything from Online Shopping Tendencies to Business Practices

With all the changes created by the sanitary crisis, especially the lockdown and the possibility it might come back again, PR firms need to rediscover what people want. And the best way they found to do so, is through online surveys. Here are a few of the results they have found in the Post-COVID-19 world:


Around the world, people are switching their shopping habits to buying online. In the UK, more than 65% of the respondents to a survey said that they are more likely to buy online than in a store. It is very similar to what they found in the U.S., where the regular stores, which were already suffering before lockdown, are now struggling to survive, as most are placing their future in the hands of their e-commerce.


Many surveys have been done about the way companies now conduct their business. The results show clearly, again, that the changes have been quite radical. In fact, 68% of managers questioned said that the pandemic changed their way of doing business, making it more client-centric. Other modifications that were made include financial changes (more flexible in prices and method of payment - 74%) and a change in the products and services they offer (addition and deletion 75%).

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