Branding for the Digital Age with Jordan Lintz

Branding for the Digital Age with Jordan Lintz
Photo : Branding for the Digital Age with Jordan Lintz

There's a strong argument to be made about how the digital age made a bunch of branding tools available to just about anyone. The internet, being the great equalizer, made it possible for almost everyone to create their channel-or a couple of them-and start their hustle, working slowly on building brand recognition.

Jordan built three businesses, piggybacking them one on the next, constantly working 60-hour weeks at the very least. He spent the first couple of years building the business without paying himself a salary because the business needed the money more than he did. The energetic guy you can see in social media video clips for HighKey is, in fact, a shrewd businessman who got his feet wet with a drop-shipping business, never letting the big prize-branding- out of his sight. With the next company he started, he got into branding. 

Of course, it helped that Jordan is part of a generation that saw people become extremely popular on social platforms such as YouTube and Instagram. Being a digital native, he's had that natural understanding of the language of social media that eludes marketers and brand execs who were born only a generation before. The way Jordan employs his abilities shows just how versatile branding in the digital age can get, and how much of it has to do with social media.

For Jordan, the branding efforts run parallel to one another. On one, he's using his know-how to develop the businesses that work under HighKey Holdings Inc and establish them as the recognizable leaders in their respective fields. At the same time, however, at least two HighKey businesses are directly involved in managing people's branding, with social media often being the channel of choice.

HighKey Agency, for example, is a digital marketing agency that specializes in personal branding through development and placement of content on both client-owned channels, such as social media and third-party publishers, such as online magazines. The Agency is an example of a digital branding agency that works in several different fields to deliver optimal results to the clients. 

The third HighKey business, HighKey Clout, is the one that occupies most of Jordan's time. While he is certainly committed to growing the revenue of the venture, HighKey Clout is organizing celebrity giveaways-which it unapologetically does-but it's also a way to effect change, which is a situation where everyone wins-the celeb and their brand, HighKey and Jordan, and the person winning the giveaway.

It seems unlikely that Jordan Lintz will stop at three HighKey businesses. The way in which every one of them served as a stepping stone to the next, and how he simultaneously grew his brand as well as his clients' brands, it might be safe to say that Jordan continues looking way ahead for a new opportunity that will bring him closer to the goal of being the branding expert of our time. To stay on top with the developments in his career, follow Jordan at @jordanlintz on Instagram.

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