Tidal Connect: Everything You Need to Know About the Premium Song-Casting Service

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Tidal Connect is finally here. Similar to its competitors, Spotify Connect and Apple AirPlay, Tidal Connect lets you wirelessly cast your music to other devices' speakers.

"Tidal consistently looks for opportunities to normalize and elevate the HiFi listening experience," said Lior Tibon, Tidal COO, as reported by Tech Radar

Tidal believes that its Connect service is the only casting tech to support 'the extended formats available' through Tidal HiFi. That said, you will need a wireless speaker to get the best out of this feature because it includes Master Quality Authenticated recording and Dolby Atmos. 

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How Does It Work?

It's just like Spotify, but Tidal Connect actually does support higher-res sound. 

To do so, play any song you want and tap on the connect icon on the Now Playing page. Several nearby devices will be alerted, so make sure you choose the right and compatible one. If you still can't connect your speaker through the app, try connecting it to the same WiFi network you're streaming from.

Tidal Connect, in fact, does not exclusively work on mobile. macOS and Windows users are also welcomed to join the party. With gapless payback, Tidal Connect is not something you want to miss. 

According to Tech Radar, Tidal Connect supports devices from Bluesound, Cambridge Audio, DALI, KEF, iFi audio, Lyngdorf, Monitor, NAD, and Naim Audio. 

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Can I Use Tidal Connect For Free?

Unfortunately, no. Tidal Connect is only for Premium and HiFi subscribers. 

The subscription comes in two plans, Premium and HiFi. The Premium version offers over a one-month free trial and 60+ million songs at 320kpbs via AAC. 

However, the HiFi version is more for audiences with higher-definition speakers searching for high-end quality sound. It brings the Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) feature on the table at 96kHz/24bit. 

Artist-owned Tidal, which was launched back in 2014/2015, works with musicians to develop exclusive content. Some artists like Jay-Z and Beyonce exclusively released their albums on Tidal and not on its competitors. 

Tidal starts with $9.99 a month for the Premium version and $19.99 for the HiFi version. It also comes in a family premium package for 5-6 family members, which costs $14.99, and the family HiFi package at $29.99/month. 

If you're a student, you can take advantage of the student premium discount at $4.99/month or the HiFi discount at only $9.99/month. US army veterans and first responders will also get a chopped price for the platform's premium and HiFi services. 

Unfortunately, Tidal does not have a full-of-ad freemium service. However, given all the quality and premium service it offers, it's safe to say that Tidal is definitely worth every penny. 

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