3 Tips for Better Online Gaming

3 Tips for Better Online Gaming
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Online games have millions of subscribers, and they let you meet new people while participating in battles, adventures, puzzles, and more. However, knowing your way around your equipment and software can be the difference between an incredible gaming experience and a disappointing one. Here are some tips on how to improve gaming performance and make your playing time more fun, competitive, and memorable.

1. Get a Great Router and the Internet Service You Need

If you're wondering how to improve gaming performance, look to your router and internet provider. Without a strong internet connection and a great router, your multiplayer gaming experience won't even get off the ground. The right equipment will improve your performance and help you avoid lag and game crashes. Make sure that you have the strongest internet your area can muster and a router to match. Cox's Panoramic WiFi Gateway is a combination modem and router that provides reliable, secure coverage to your entire home. It chooses the best WiFi frequencies automatically, and you can use the app that comes with it to pause other devices when you play, increasing your available bandwidth. 

Make sure you place your router at the highest spot in the room to keep furniture or other obstacles from blocking the signal. If you have a large home or multiple floors, you can expand the WiFi range to your entire home with one or more Panoramic WiFi Pods. Just plug a pod into any outlet for a better signal.

2. Reduce Latency and Ping

Your computer's ping is the signal it sends to other computers on the network. Latency is the time it takes for the ping to return to your computer from its destination. The higher the latency, the more likely you are to experience lag, crashes, and other problems during online games. To reduce latency as much as possible, disable third-party firewalls and antivirus tools. Before you start playing, close any programs or apps you don't need for the game. Make sure your WiFi connection has a password that's difficult to guess.

Internet connections with too many pings could feel slow as well. Without the right provider, these routine status checks might keep you from getting updated game data (like the positions of other players) as fast as possible.

3. Use Quality Equipment

Upgrading your PC or getting a new console can give you access to better graphics and more processing power. You can enjoy the latest games without needing to turn down graphics settings. Getting quality accessories is important as well. Choose a good mouse and keyboard designed for gaming or a controller that's easy to use. That way, you can avoid wrist strain and uncomfortable postures.

Cheaper wireless equipment can introduce a latency factor of its own, and it doesn't matter how good your internet and router are if you can't get your devices to react in time to defeat your opponents. Go with corded equipment or higher-end wireless equipment to avoid these game-breaking issues. Cords negate latency almost entirely, and some wireless systems can operate with nearly zero latency as well. If you enjoy chatting with online players, get a comfortable headset with a quality microphone. Also, invest in an ergonomic chair to encourage good posture and keep you comfortable even after hours of gaming.

With all of these tips followed, you should be ready to jump into the world of online gaming and conquer your competitors with ease. Get your hands on a strong signal, a great router, and quality equipment for a fun gaming experience.

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