4 Essential Items Every Serious Gamer Needs

4 Essential Items Every Serious Gamer Needs
Photo : 4 Essential Items Every Serious Gamer Needs

Enhance your gaming experience by finding the right technology, gadgets, and accessories to create the ultimate gaming room.

Here are 4 essential items every serious gamer needs:

1. A Quality Monitor 

Purchasing a quality monitor is necessary for creating an ideal gaming experience. 

The type of monitor best suited for you depends on your console and gaming preferences. Review a variety of brands, sizes, and types to discover the right monitor. For example, gamers who primarily use an Xbox console should research the best gaming monitors for the Xbox Series X

Regardless of your specifications, a variety of monitor characteristics are important to consider, specifically the display size, panel type, and resolution.

Determine the display size for your gaming monitor by assessing the placement of your monitor. If you'll be seated closer to the screen, select a smaller display size between 24" and 27" to avoid straining your eyes. If you'll be seated farther away, choose a larger display size that's at least 32" to create an immersive experience. 

A variety of panel types are available to meet anyone's budgetary needs or visual preferences. The three main panel types are TN, VA, and IPS. TN panels are the most common option because of the cheaper prices and reliable speeds; however, TN panels unfortunately sacrifice the display's visuals regarding quality and color. VA panels are a prime midrange option that provides a better visual appearance, acceptable speeds, and affordable prices. IPS panels are a high-end option that offer unmatched visuals and speeds at a steeper price for gamers interested in investing the extra money.  

Lastly, a monitor's resolution impacts the display and productivity abilities. Purchasing the highest resolution available may seem like an obvious choice, but it isn't the best solution. A high resolution monitor is more expensive and minimally impacts your gaming experience. Choose a resolution that operates with your console and monitor to ensure a great picture at quality speeds. A 4K monitor is typically an ideal option for most gamers.

Other factors to consider concerning your monitor include the refresh rate, response time, adaptive sync, and video inputs. Analyze your specific gaming requirements and goals to find the perfect monitor for you. 

2. A Game Controller 

Find an excellent game controller to elevate your gaming experience.

Review the numerous options available to find the best game controller depending on a gamer's console, setup, and personal preferences. 

There are two main choices to consider before purchasing a game controller: Battery type and wiring.

Game controllers receive battery power through internal rechargeable batteries or replaceable AA batteries. Different advantages and disadvantages are associated with each option. Rechargeable controllers save money on batteries; however, they don't provide a quick fix when a battery dies in the middle of a game. Controllers with replaceable batteries are quickly ready to go but require constantly replacing expensive batteries. 

Game controllers are available in wired and wireless options. Today, the majority of gamers utilize wireless controllers to avoid being tethered to the console. While wireless controllers offer great advancements in technology, it's important to evaluate the benefits of wired options. A wired controller means you'll never experience unfortunate lagging or need to worry about battery life. 

Purchase the perfect game controller for you by finding the perfect style that meets your specific needs. 

3. Advanced Headset

Locate an advanced headset to create an amazing gaming experience. 

Because sound is an important aspect of immersive gaming, finding a quality headset is essential. Headsets come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles to match a gamer's console needs. 

Considerations for choosing the ideal headset include:

  • Selecting between wired and wireless options

  • Choosing a comfortable headset by analyzing the headband, material, weight, and ear cups of different choices

  • Reviewing the sound reproduction by considering stereo, virtual surround sound, and dimensional sound options

  • Picking a headset with preferrable communication opportunities

Purchase an advanced headset to clearly communicate with friends and completely enjoy the gaming experience.

4. Additional Storage 

Additional storage is a necessary purchase for serious gamers. 

Storage devices can store larger games, increase loading speeds, and enhance accessibility to cultivate the perfect gaming experience. 

Two types of storage devices are available: HDD and SSD. 

A hard disk drive (HDD) is a metal platter with a magnetic coating that stores data, and information is accessed while the platter is spinning. A solid state drive (SSD) performs a similar function, but information is stored on interconnected flash-memory chips that maintain the data even without power. HDD devices tend to be cheaper, but SSD devices are typically faster.

Discover the perfect external storage option for you by considering your gaming needs, budget, and the best choices available. 

Elevate your gaming experience by purchasing the 4 essential items every serious gamer needs. 

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