Managing Enterprise Integrations the Easy Way

Managing Enterprise Integrations the Easy Way
Photo : Managing Enterprise Integrations the Easy Way

Businesses of all sizes need some kind of technology to function properly based on the extent of business processes. Dedicated software applications exist to help manage different business functions such as supply chain management and finance. Most businesses use multiple software applications that lack automation or reliable connections. This raises the need for an integrated platform that connects everything together.

Enterprise integration configures various systems to work in tandem to increase the efficiency and interoperability of workflows. Working with integrated environments avoids duplicate data management and helps decision-makers realize business goals. Integrated software increases the real-time visibility of data that helps with business decisions and scalability. At the core data integration are three concepts - Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL). Achieving an easier ETL process happens with the use of an enterprise integration platform, or integration middleware, such as Dell Boomi, SAP Cloud Platform Integration (SAP CPI), and Mulesoft. But how can you benefit from Enterprise Integrations?

Sharing of Information

Sharing information across different environments is essential to any business organization. Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) allows for the communication and exchange of complex information by simplifying data. An integrated platform allows business users to efficiently access data from a centralized hub without disrupting workflows.

Simplified IT Processes

The more simplified IT processes are, the better the user experience. Enterprise Application Integration features simplified processing that can improve workflows. EAI combines functionality and information for different web applications in one place. Users can spend less time finding data across different environments when everything is connected in one place.

Greater Efficiency

Every business strives to operate as efficiently as possible as it directly impacts ROI. Enterprise Application Integration improves overall workflows by streamlining business processes. Improved functionality means team members will spend less time navigating through information and more time completing tasks. EAI's offer better control over the flow of information by allowing business users to get a real-time overview of employee performance, IT processing, and policies related to marketing strategies.

Managing Enterprise Integrations the Easy Way

What is an integration platform as a service?

An integration platform as a service (iPaaS) is a cloud service that integrates data, web applications, and business processes. The automation of integration capabilities makes it easy to connect web apps and data across different environments. iPaaS helps you deploy cloud integration between cloud and on-premises applications and data without the need for middleware. iPaaS is quick and easy to implement and can be set up without an IT expert.

iPaaS is a type of Software as a Service (SaaS) offering that has all the features of the cloud, such as remote accessibility through an internet connection and browser. The right iPaaS solution features integration capabilities such as a library of connectors, moving data between web applications, transforms data into specific formats, integrates workflows, and monitors integrations.

There are several use cases for iPaaS including the real-time exchange of data between applications to streamline business processes, the migration of data from legacy systems, the replication of data for analytics, and the integration of external data from sensors and devices.

Understanding progressive web apps.

Progressive Web App (PWA) refers to websites that operate like native apps while meeting the criteria for the functionality that PWA utilizes. Understanding progressive web apps are easy - progressive refers to progressive enhancement. This means starting from a simple core of content and functionality and building it up with additional features supported by the user's web browser. This helps users of older web browsers and devices enjoy an enhanced user experience.

PWAs promote more usable websites experiencing non-ideal conditions like unreliable internet connection. They allow for the easier adoption of future enhancements in web technologies so that websites can be built upon instead of redeveloped.

Application integration is essential to any business's digital transformation. When it comes to best practices for data integration, using the right integration service makes for an easy, streamlined process.

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