Justin Gilmore Teaches Others How to Reach Success with ATMs

Justin Gilmore Teaches Others How to Reach Success with ATMs
Photo : Justin Gilmore

What are the chances that something like an ATM, which was made to dispense money, could also be the very thing that provides someone with a stable income? No, this has nothing to do with a robbery, for those who were wondering, but instead has everything to do with Justin Gilmore and his ATM business, ATMMachines.com. Justin started his company in his early 20s, and 14 years later, he's running a highly successful business that installs and services ATMs all over the country. His main service consists of providing ATM sales, installation, and processing services to any merchants who are in need of an ATM.

Justin has also expanded his offering to help other entrepreneurs get their own ATM businesses started, whether as a full-time job or a side hustle. "By bringing in entrepreneurs and teaching them how to run five, ten, twenty, one-hundred-plus ATMs, this allows us to grow at a much faster rate and also allows me to help others achieve their financial dreams," he explains.

His latest project is a course that teaches people how to start and grow an ATM business. ATM processing is one of the major reasons Justin decided to create a course for other business owners. His own company currently ranks on the first page of Google for most of the significant ATM-related keywords, and because of that, he's able to sell around 30 of them per month. "This is our bread and butter, but these business owners usually only purchase one ATM. This is great, and I will continue to earn a generous living selling to business owners," he says.

However, he also knew that he needed to grow the market if he was ever going to get his company to the next level. That meant creating new business opportunities and scaling his own accordingly. That also meant picking a winning team to back his efforts, and he underlines the importance of choosing a group of supportive people who work well together. "In this industry, especially, you have to be able to trust your team because they will have access to cash and client account information. Fortunately, I have been able to hire my friends and family, so I get to work with the people I trust and love on a daily basis," he says.

That said, it's been quite a bumpy road getting to this point. Gilmore had to go from one business to another to try and sell his services when he first started out, and much as with cold-calling, not everyone is receptive to that kind of sales approach. On top of that, he had to focus almost every waking moment on growing his business, which meant he had to sacrifice his personal health.

There were failures, as well, but he took those as learning opportunities. Early in his career, he closed a contract to place ATMs in the Georgia Dome and Georgia World Congress Center. At the time, he didn't have access to the necessary resources to maintain such a large account. Because of this, the ATMs were always running empty, which put him in breach of the contract. "I ended up losing the account six months into a three-year contract. If I knew then what I know now, that would have been a completely different outcome," Justin says.

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