PS5 Console Owner Tips: 4 Things to Do With a PS4 Once You Get the New Console

With the newest next-gen consoles of PS5 by Sony and Xbox Series X/S by Microsoft coming to the market, many are wondering what to do with their old consoles. 

This one-billion-dollar question deserves some serious thoughts. First, who would use an old-gen console when they have the best console that the gaming industry could offer? And second, it could potentially contribute to stockpiling e-waste at home, which isn't good for the environment. 

So, do you know what you'd do with your PS4 should you get a PS5? If not, here are a couple of things we would like to recommend. 

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1. Give It Away

While it may not be the most popular gift around, especially with the new PS5 on the market, giving away your PS4 sounds like a good option. Do you have younger siblings, nephews, or cousins who love playing games? You may opt to give away your PS4 Fat/Slim/Pro to them. 

While you're at it, you can also purchase some games that may suit their ages, like "Minecraft," "Overcooked" series, "Crash Team Racing" series, "Rocket League," "LEGO," or "Teraway Unfolded."

2. Sell It ASAP

If you're 100% sure of getting a PS5, a couple of hundred dollars from selling your old consoles would definitely help you. You can post your listings on eBay, Gumtree, or even on Facebook buy-and-sell groups for PlayStation gamers. 

However, you may have to make your move as soon as possible. With the release of PS5, the market price of PS4 is lowering every month. You may get a good deal if you include some bonus like free physical games or a warranty. 

3. Use It As A Media Center

PS4 is not only a gaming center. It also serves as a multimedia entertainment source, with apps like Netflix, Spotify, Pandora, Hulu, and YouTube installed in it. 

That said, you can still use your PS4 as a media center should you get a PS5. Plus, your PS4 can play DVDs and regular HD Blu-Rays, and you wouldn't need a DVD or Blu-Ray player should you keep your PS4 as a media center at home. All you need is an excellent IPS monitor and a good speaker; then you're good to go!

4. Frame It As A Collection

Lastly, you may opt to keep it just as a collection. Consoles like this will be rare in 15 or 20 years. Just like how some Gen-Z and millennials are looking to get their hands on the old PS1 consoles, collectors will definitely be hunting for these PS4s in the next decades.

With good maintenance, your PS4 can do just fine in the next two decades. Besides, if you frame it as a collection, you may reminisce the good old days of your PS4 in the next couple of years. Who knows, right?

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