Best Cloud Storage Devices for Free, Personal, and Business Use 2021

Google Drive
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Cloud storage devices have become rampant especially on various businesses in order to save their data in a secured online platform as well as the capability to access those anytime and from any location.

The data stored into it can also be shared to anyone who would be granted access to enter it easily, just though online means. It can also provide a certain way of back-up for those data and files where it could be recovered just in case of unexpected circumstances.

Tech Radar has listed some of the best cloud storage devices being used today, especially for this year. It includes the advantages of using those, and also some of the weaknesses (if there would be any). And here are three of those:

1.       Google Drive Cloud Storage

Probably one of the most popular cloud storage devices to date, Google Drive could be regarded as the default or go-to cloud storage especially for Android device users as the operating system itself is inclined heavily with Google - some are even stored with the Google suite already upon purchase.

Some of its features which could be very useful and efficient for most users is the easy accessibility upon using the cloud storage itself. Even from one's mobile phone or mobile device, the user may get to upload and save files directly, or vice versa upon downloading such. A paid version of Google Drive offers a 2 TB storage priced at $99.99 a year, and it could just save files on an almost unlimited possibility. A downside, however, may include the somehow difficult to use in terms of accessing it through a web interface. Yet with the actual app being used for Google Drive, it may be easier to navigate through it.

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2.       Microsoft OneDrive Cloud Storage

The Microsoft suite cloud storage could also be dubbed as one of the most popular cloud storage services today. The fact that it is associated with one of the most used OS in the world just brings it on to the table as a viable and usable one.

The OneDrive cloud service can give up to 5 GB of storage for free users, while paid users may be able to have access on up to 100 GB. Yet those who are subscribed to the Microsoft 365, an automatic 1 TB of storage for the One Drive is already available and would not require the other option to have access to the storage itself. Another integration which could be significant has been reported by RedmondMag, wherein the admin portal of the cloud storage as well as the one for the SharePoint admin would be merged by Microsoft next month.

3.       IDrive Cloud Storage

And to cap off the list, the IDrive cloud storage has been listed to offer such continuous syncing of one's files and data even those which are being stored on other network drives as well. The upgraded version of the service called the IDrive Business could offer as much as a range of unlimited users and server backup as well.

The IDrive Personal on the other hand could provide up to 5 TB or 10 TB for each user registered, by which their professional counterparts can have access between 250 GB up to 12.5 TB of storage set in an online platform.

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