PS5 Restock Sony Direct and Xbox Series X Sold Out! Here Are Tips to Get One from the Walmart Restock Event

PS5 Restock Sony Direct and Xbox Series X Sold Out! Here Are Tips to Get One from the Walmart Restock Event
PS5 and Xbox restocks can be tricky but with a little preparation and patience, you can nab these consoles for yourself at the next restock. Photo : Joe Raedle/Getty Images

If you've missed purchasing a Play Station 5 or Xbox Series X because it sold out before you could swipe one up, don't worry! Walmart has announced when their next restock will go live so those who have been waiting don't have to wait any longer.

PS5 and Xbox Series X Walmart Restock

The Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X have been sold out for quite some time and stores like Target, Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart can drop restocks without warning.

This time, however, fans who haven't got their hands on a PS5 or Xbox now have a chance to prepare and nab a console for themselves.

The restock went live at EST yesterday and limited stock of the PS 5 ($499), PS5 Digital ($399.99), Xbox Series X ($499), and Xbox Series S ($299), Comic Book says.

There are no catches or strings attached to this restock. No early access walls or bundles separate certain buyers from others. It's purely a direct restock which means fans, scalpers, bots are all racing to get their hands on the supplies first.

Happy fans took to Twitter to express their joy on finally getting to purchase their consoles.

It is unknown just how many stocks Walmart has at the ready, but it can't be too abundant of a supply because of fulfillment issues.

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Tips for the Walmart Restock

To get ready for a Walmart restock, Tom's Guide says the first thing you need to prepare is your account. Create one or login prior to the event. Have your address and credit card info entered so you can quickly checkout once you have added your items to your cart.

Also, make sure that you're on the correct landing pages for the consoles you want to purchase. Acting fast ensures you can secure your gaming console to purchase but don't stress out too much if you weren't able to click on the "Add To Cart" fast enough.

Tom's Guide says Walmart releases inventory every 10 minutes so if you haven't scored your console on the first try, it pays to stick around and keep trying.

Many have also reported that adding the PS5 to a shopping list helped them secure a PS5. They did this by logging into their Walmart account and when to the PS5 product page and select "add to list" to put it in a wish list. So when the restock went live, you could add the console to your cart via your wish list instead of heading to the product page and waiting for it to show up in stock. It's not foolproof, but it has seen some successes.

Although the restock has been going on for a day, Walmart's landing pages for the consoles are still live, Tom's Guide says.

Be wary, though, as the listings can be showing prices from third-party retailers. For example, the PS5, which retails for $499 is being sold at $1,093 from a third-party retailer's stocks.

Stay away from these overpriced sellers.

Again, Walmart tends to refresh their stocks every 10 to 15 minutes anyway, so refresh the product page for Walmart's own restock so you can purchase it at a reasonable value.

Opting to be notified by Walmart or other stores who sell the consoles can help you get ready for the next restock. Subscribe to their newsletters or sign up as a member and set your notifications so that you receive them via SMS or e-mail.

You can also get notified by Sony Direct for Play Station 5 restocks as well. Have an active Sony Direct account and make sure you have notifications set to "yes" so you'll know when the next rollout of the consoles will be.

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