Google App Crashing After Latest Update? Here Are 3 Ways to Fix the Issue

Google App Crashing After Latest Update? Here Are 3 Ways to Fix the Issue
The latest update of the Google App has Android Users frustrated with its crashes. Find out three ways you can fix the issue. Photo : Deepanker Verma/Pexels

If you thought you were the only one experiencing the frustrating crash on your Google app, you're not. Android users have gone to Twitter to report that their Google app is crashing, and the problem might be traced to a recent app update.

Google App Crashing After Update

The issue seems to be affecting most Android phones, Android Authority reported.

Owners of Sony, Samsung, Google Pixel, Motorola, and other Android-running smartphones are all on the same boat, experiencing the frustrating ordeal. The Google app started crashing after a recent update pushed out by the company. Versions and of the Google app have been crashing. Users on the beta version of the app have experienced problems as well.

Depending on your device, the Google app may be a different version, and so you may be experiencing app crashes on a completely different version, Android authority noted.

And according to 9to5Google, it's not just the Google app that has been having problems: Podcasts, Lens, and Assistant seem to be experiencing some issues, too.

The Discover feed, which the Google app is responsible for, of both the Podcasts and Lens app keep closing. Some users also report having trouble with Android Auto. Assistant, as it is no longer launching on voice commands.

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How to Fix the Google App Crash Issue

Google has since replied to the Twitter users' reports, stating that "it's important that we get this sorted."

1. Soft Reboot

In their tweet, Google suggested a soft reboot of your device. To do this, hold down the power button for 30 seconds and release. Wait until the device is turned back on and check if the Google app is working fine again.

Some users say that that has worked for them, while others say it hasn't helped. Google will hopefully have a new update released to fix the bug soon.

2. Uninstalling the Update

Android Authority advised to uninstall the Google app update if you're still experiencing issues. You can do this by going to Settings > Apps > Google app > three-dot menu > Uninstall updates.

If you haven't updated your Google app, it is best to wait until the company has rolled out the next update that includes the fix.

3. Google App 12.24 Beta

9to5Google noted that if you're running on the 12.24 beta, some users say updating to it provides a fix for the crashes. Here's how you can do that:

  • Join the Google app beta. Sign up for the Google app beta and click "become a tester" or you can visit the Play Store listing on your phone and scroll until you see a "Join the beta" card and select "Join."
  • Download the new app update. Tap your profile avatar in the Play Store, go to Manage apps & devices > See recent updates > Updates available > Check for updates. Then tap "Update." The beta route can be considered the least destructive solution compared to installing the bad update and reverting to the Google app version that first came with your device, which may not be the most optimal of versions.

Do not attempt to do any complex software fixes on your own if you are not a professional as you may cause more harm to your device than actually fixing it.

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