NASA Hubble New Images: Space Telescope Captures Galactic Triplets on Tug-of-War!

NASA Hubble New Images: Space Telescope Captures Galactic Tug-of-War Between Triplets!
The NASA Hubble Space Telescope recently captured galactic triplets in a gravitation tug-of-war in space! Photo : NASA/Getty Images

The NASA Hubble Space Telescope recently captured galactic triplets in a gravitation tug-of-war in space! This amazing photo went viral online, as it advertised a quick preview on Hubble's fantastic adventures in space.

NASA excitedly tweeted: "What are siblings for! @NASAHubble captures a bickering set of galactic triplets engaging in a gravitational tug of war. This system is featured in the Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies, a list which showcases unique galaxies in the universe."

The photo showcased three galaxies, left, center and right in an interconnected position. This system is identified as Arp 195, according to NASA.

NASA highlighted that the Hubble observation time is extremely valuable, and astronomers never want to waste a second of it. Hubble observations are generally calculated through computer algorithms, which occasionally allows it to gather bonus snapshots between longer observation periods. The image of clashing triplets in Arp 195 was one such photo.

The surplus image from the Hubble telescope surprised researchers and the internet with its breathtaking beauty. NASA hinted that this space system is now a new target of observation and might later receive follow-up capture images from the upcoming NASA/ESA/CSA James Webb Space Telescope.

NASA Hubble Space Telescope New Images

Note, however, that this is not the first amazing photo taken by the Hubble telescope. Last month, Hubble also captured three other amazing celestial activities.

On July 3, Hubble introduced a third type of supernova called electron-capture supernova. This featured a star that collapsed in on itself, creating a dark line at the center of its body.

By July 23, Hubble installed new cosmic lens that helped the space station "warp, magnify and even duplicate the appearance of distant galaxies." The images taken on these lens appear like a kaleidoscope of color and vastness of space.

Lastly, On July 27, Hubble captured a heavenly photo of the Orion Nebula! Despite being 1,500 light-years away, Hubble captured the nebula with all its five distinct colors in high-quality image render.

The latest photo from Hubble featuring the galactic triplets has already received 788 retweets, 38 quote tweets and 5,806 likes in the time of writing.

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Hubble Space Telescope Continues Its Mission

After 30 years since it first began operations, Hubble continues to provide a stream of stunning images, including the Arp 195.

Newsweek reported that the Hubble Space Telescope is a joint project between NASA and the European Space Agency that aims to capture space activities a few galaxies ways. In the years that followed, Hubble produced images of galaxies, including strange one with unusual and extended arms.

Recently, Hubble Deep Field also uploaded a video about "Looking Back in Time." This video showcased images captured on "a blank section of space" that Hubble has been observing for 400 orbits now. Scientists reported their amazing new discovery that "space has changed." What appeared to be nothing actually had "tens and thousands of galaxies" that are billions of light years away!

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