TikTok: Bill Gates 'Smiles Through the Pain' After Viral Chris Rock Video

TikTok: Bill Gates 'Smiles Through the Pain' After Viral Chris Rock Video
Microsoft founder Bill Gates "smiled through the pain" as he watched Chris Rock's harsh joke about his childhood. Photo : NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images

Clearly, Microsoft founder Bill Gates is a good sport.

No amount of bad press, internet bashing, demeaning allegations while he faced a painful divorce would keep him from beaming a smile. Yes, not even a harsh roast from comedian Chris Rock could dampen his mood.

A viral TikTok video showed Gates watching Rock's 2018 Netflix standup comedy show "Tambourine," in which he endured the comedian's cruel joke that made assumptions about his childhood.

Bill Gates Shows He's 'Smiling Through the Pain'

   @zionscott0 Just smile through the pain @chrisrock  ♬ original sound - Zion     

Chris Rock asked if "kids were nice to Bill Gates in high school." He that babbled supposed comments Gates' schoolmates would have uttered, saying, "Gates, you Charlie Brown-looking motherf---r." or "F-k you, Gates, you four-eyed bitch." He continued by seething, "F-k you and your Windows, you gap-toothed motherf----r."

The comedian continued that he would "smack the s-t out of you, f---ing Gate" and ended his tirade by saying, "Gates motherf----er, you can't get in the gate, Gates."

The camera then panned at Gates, who was sitting near the TV set. Apparently, he did not take the expletive-laced comic act seriously. He was smiling.

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Uploaded by TikToker Zion Scott, the video titled "Just Smile Through the Pain" has garnered 1.7 million views in two days since its posting. After receiving a deluge of messages asking if the video was authentic, Scott posted another TikTok video later on Tuesday saying that he's a "good friend" of Phoebe Gates, the of 18-year-old youngest daughter of the billionaire tech icon.

TikTok Uploader, a Friend of Gates' Daughter, Phoebe

In a Page Six report, Scott was described as a former high school footballer who lives near the Gates residence in Seattle. He said the video was the "real deal, official story time of the Bill Gates TikTok."

Scott said that he, two other friends, Phoebe and Bill Gates were watching Rock's Netflix show at the Gates cabin in Seattle. When Rock began to throw "shade" at the tech luminary beside them, Scott said, they "were all laughing super hard." Scott added that he rewinded the clip to replay that part of the show and started filming to show Gates' reaction.

Gates should have reason to stay cool since he has been among the wealthiest Americans in the world for the past few decades. He has put forward many notable causes and advocacies beyond his tenure in Microsoft as a prominent businessman and philanthropist.

His rank among the richest in the world slid recently, however, as a result of his divorce with Melinda French Gates that was finalized a few weeks ago. According to a Forbes report, Gates completed stock transfers to his former wife worth $5.7 billion, leaving him with a net worth of $129.6 billion. These stock transfers made him fall from fourth to fifth in Forbes' real-time billionaire ranking, with Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg rising to the fourth spot at $130.7 billion.

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