Not Happy With Your Current Smartphone Carrier? Get $1,000 When You Switch to T-Mobile, Here's How

Not Happy With Your Current Smartphone Carrier? Get $1,000 When You Switch to T-Mobile, Here's How
T-Mobile makes an enticing offer for disgruntled users of other networks, dangling $1000 when they make the switch. Photo : Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Are you upset with the kind of service from your current carrier and need to shift networks, yet still have a phone to pay off?

T-Mobile is dangling an enticing offer: giving you up to $1,000 to settle handset dues with your current carrier in exchange for switching to its data network. The pink carrier will assist switchers, offering $1,000 for each of up to five qualified unlocked devices through a prepaid Mastercard, and an additional 20 percent off a family plan.

Obviously, the offer is directed at unsatisfied AT&T and Verizon 5G subscribers seeking their way out their current plans. These customers can swap their subscriptions with T-Mobile's Essentials plan costing $27 per line, inclusive of voice, text, 5G data, and mobile hotspot data of up to 3G speeds.

In the deal, T-Mobile will issue the virtual Mastercard, which takes 15 days to administer, and once activated, can be used for up to six months.

T-Mobile Tops Ookla Speed Test in the U.S.

With this offer, T-Mobile is surely very eager to have its rivals' customers consider it as the juiciest deal for a switch. The carrier is also flaunting its exceptional performance in terms of speed, topping Ookla's Speedtest in the U.S. Ookla had recognized T-Mobile as the fastest mobile data operator in the U.S., with average download speeds of 62 Mbps on current mobile phone chipsets. AT&T and Verizon, meanwhile, landed second and third respectively on the Ookla Speed Tests.

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T-Mobile likewise carries the fastest consistent 5G download and upload speeds on PC Magazine's independent network tests. Verizon, however, ranked on top in the category of highest download speeds, boosted by the company's use of the mmWave spectrum.

The offer has appears tempting for disgruntled users of its rival carriers. However, T-Mobile has its own share of mishaps, which users should remember. It lied about the spectrums it would keep with the sole purpose of having its Sprint merger approved. Also, an enormous data breach hit T-Mobile, exposing data of about 49 million customers to hackers.

T-Mobile to Delay Shutdown of Sprint 3G Network

Meanwhile, T-Mobile announced that it shall postpone the planned shutdown of Sprint's 3G network to March 2022 to guarantee "partners" enough time to experience ease in the transition. The company originally planned to phase the Sprint 3G network by January next year, but has since been pushed to March 31st.

T-Mobile completed the $26-billion merger with Sprint on April 1, 2020.

T-Mobile's partners, the company said in a statement, have not been able to "follow through on their responsibility to help customers through this shift." Because of this, T-Mobile said it was "stepping up on their behalf." According to The Verge, the statement likely referred to Dish Network, which have since been at odds with T-Mobile over Sprint shutdown, which will affect Dish's Boost Mobile customers.

Dish acquired Boost Mobile to take Sprint's place as the fourth largest wireless carrier in the U.S.

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