Axie Infinity Ban Rules: How to Appeal If You’re Mistakenly Suspended, Banned

Axie Infinity Ban Rules: How to Appeal If You’re Mistakenly Suspended, Banned
Axies must be observant of Axie Infinity Ban Rules and assure not to violate malpractice with the Terms of Use. Axie infinity ban closed more than 30,000 accounts while the Axie Infinity ban appeal for the mistakenly closed accounts is revealed.
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Axie Infinity's developers, Sky Mavis, revealed on Twitter that they had just implemented a game-wide ban wave.

Over 30,000 axes were prohibited overnight, which resulted in an Axie Infinity ban wave. Players are encouraged to be cautious with the Axie Infinity ban rules to avoid having problems as the numerous banned accounts are a result of violating the Terms of Use.

However, some accounts might have only been mistakenly banned. With that, guidelines to follow Axie Infinity ban appeal is released.

Banned Axie Infinity Account

The decision was announced initially on Discord, followed by a Twitter statement that included a screenshot of the Discord message.

The banned Axies, according to Sky Mavis, were involved in accounts that were abusing the game's energy system.

In Axie Infinity's play-to-earn paradigm, a player's earnings are limited by their energy, a consumable resource in-game that scales depending on the number of axies they own in their account. Energy manipulation, among other things, are happening on many accounts.

Some of the abusers were aware of the Axie Infinity ban wave in real-time, as per the developer.

As a result, they were able to sell their axies on the Axie Marketplace for a very low price. Even if those axies were purchased by another player at the time, Sky Mavis stated that they were still prohibited in the end.

These new owners can rest easy, knowing that their axies will be restored to their accounts without having to contact the Axie Infinity support team.

The elimination of over 30,000 axes on such a big scale will undoubtedly have an impact on the game's economy. It is improbable, however, that all of the criminals will be persuaded. After all, the accounts involved did not receive a ban. They may try again the next time, but till then, another ban wave will wipe them all out.

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Appealing an Account Ban

A ban is imposed if the Terms of Service are violated.

You are liable if a scholar breaches the TOS on an account that you manage. Scholars can be screened and interviewed to ensure that they are not multi-accounting. This is entirely your prerogative and is included as our responsibility and obligation.

Axie Infinity takes violations of its terms of service very seriously. The following are some of the most frequently broken rules, however, this is by no means an extensive list.

  • In a 24-hour period, playing on many accounts.

  • Creating a bot or automating the game in some way.

  • Creating a bot or automating purchases from the marketplace in some way.

Appeal Request From A Ban

If you have information that you did not breach the TOS or that the ban was imposed in error, you can file an appeal.

You can select "Banned Axies Appeal" when submitting a request. Make sure the description portion is really detailed as Axie Infinity does not lightly ban Axies.

Banned Account Restrictions

Once the ban of the Axies has ended, you will be able to claim the existing SLP. The following actions are not available to accounts with banned Axies:

  • Existing SLP cannot be claimed.

  • They are unable to add fresh SLP to their inventory.

  • Axies that have been banned cannot be utilized in-game or sold on the market.

  • You will be able to claim the existing SLP after the Axies' ban has been lifted.


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