Neuralink Brain Chip, Human Trials, Release Date: What Is the Purpose of Neuralink, Will It Make People Smarter?

Neuralink Brain Chip, Neuralink human trials, Neuralink release date, What Is the Purpose of Neuralink
Out of all the industries Elon Musk is working on, the Neuralink brain chip might be the most controversial yet exciting project. Photo : Robina Weermeijer/Unsplash

Out of all the industries Elon Musk is working on, the Neuralink brain chip might be the most controversial yet exciting project. Now fans are getting curious, will having a chip that can instantly access the internet make people smarter?

It has been over a year since Musk first introduced Neuralink and its implantable brain chip. Musk said the chip could read brain patterns, which a computer would later interpret. CNET's supercut video of the presentation shows the chip readings at the 6:30 time marker.

Arguably, Neuralink opens up a lot of potential for research and improvement on human brain activity. It has also achieved many exciting discoveries in these last few months.

Neuralink Brain Chip: What Is the Purpose of Neuralink?

According to their webpage, Neuralink's initial goal is to help people with brain and spinal problems. Using the Neuralink chip, these people can control and communicate their thoughts through computers and mobile devices. This could also help people with paralysis.

For example, a person with no hands should simply "think the words" they want to write down, and the Neuralink brain chip will record it on the computer. The theory also applies to people with epilepsy and cerebral palsy.

As it develops, Neuralink might also serve as a new method for people to improve learning, express creativity and even store memory. At its end goal, Neuralink aims to serve healthy individuals as a utility gadget.

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Neuralink Human Trials

Since the test subjects are humans, fans wonder if Neuralink could help improve cognitive capacity. Know Your Mobile discussed some of the most common questions and answers on the topic.

Neuralink is essentially a chip implanted on a person's skull. It would help people control computers with their minds. Eventually, it might also link up the brain to the internet. This implies immediate access to search engines like Google, making people a lot "smarter."

However, it is worth noting that Neuralink aims to develop symbiosis between the person and AI. Although the process might link them up, Neuralink will still be a gadget "used" by the person. Once installed, it will only decipher brain activities and convert them as an algorithm a machine can understand. Neuralink is solely capable of reading thoughts and not taking over the cognitive brain function.

However, experts admit it might cause serious harm to an individual, particularly on mobility. At worse, a user could suffer "digital death," with renders them handicapped.

Neuralink Release Date

According to USA Today, Neuralink might shift to human trials sometime this year. However, Neuralink is still under study, so it is hard to determine whether this information will stand true in the long fun.

Readers are recommended to take this information with a pinch of salt. Since the study is still developing, Neuralink might undergo significant changes in the future.

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