Walmart cuts price of iPhone 5 to $98 ahead of iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C launch

By James Geddes , Sep 02, 2013 05:58 AM EDT

As Apple prepares to launch its flagship iPhone 5S and mid-range iPhone 5C, Walmart has cut the price of the current flagship iPhone 5 to $98.

It's no secret that Apple will be unveiling two new iPhones on September 10. The iPhone 5S will become the company's flagship iPhone and the iPhone 5C will be a less expensive, mid-range model. There have been rumors that, unlike previous years, Apple plans on discontinuing the iPhone instead of lowering its price and offering it as a mid-range iPhone. It is believed that the iPhone 5C will replace the iPhone 5 and feature the same internals as the smartphone, but swap out the aluminum iPhone 5 case for a cheaper polycarbonate case. Essentially, consumers will be purchasing an iPhone 5 in a redesigned shell.

Walmart knows that it will offer both new iPhones and has slashed the price of the Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint iPhone 5. The move is likely aiming to rid the retailer of inventory of a smartphone that might be discontinued come September 10. The retailer is now offering the 16GB iPhone 5 for $98 when signing a new 2-year contract. If the rumors are true that the iPhone 5C will replace the iPhone 5, you might want to consider this deal.

While the iPhone 5C will come with a newly-designed case, the plastic case is thicker than the iPhone 5's premium aluminum shell, which will also be used with the flagship iPhone 5S. The iPhone 5 is also upgradable to iOS 7, which features a completely redesigned user interface and comes packed with new and exciting features. Apple has already confirmed that the iPhone 5 will be capable of supporting all of the new features built into in iOS 7, including the new camera application and filters, and a much faster, smarter, and updated Siri with new voices. Those are just a few of the new iOS 7 features the iPhone 5 will support.

If you'd like to purchase the iPhone 5 from Walmart you can find more information here. The retailer is only offering this deal in its retail stores.

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