HTC One M8 camera lens issues: Scratches, cracks & damage out of nowhere

Several HTC One M8 owners worldwide are reporting issues with the camera sensor, with hairline scratches appearing out of nowhere and affecting the photo quality.

The HTC One M8 has been one of the most highly-anticipated devices of this year and has stirred a lot of hype worldwide since its release. It's definitely one of the highest-end smartphones currently available on the market, but some issues with the camera lens cover are apparently marring the experience.

A number of HTC One M8 owners across the world are reportedly facing hairline scratches on their device's camera sensor, and some users even reported smashed lens without having dropped the phone or applied pressure on the area.

HTC has not confirmed that its HTC One M8 may have camera issues in some units, but has reportedly offered replacement handsets to some affected customers. In other words, although the company has not officially acknowledged camera flaws, it seems quite clear that there's a problem and it's not caused by users. Some batches of the HTC One M8 may face this issue due to improper fitting of the lens, but it remains unclear at this point.

The photo seen above appeared on the Android Central Forums, and the user who posted it claims that the HTC One M8 "has been in an OtterBox since day one and never dropped or hit." Apparently, the crack in the lens cover just occurred over night, with no logical explanation.

In a follow-up post, the same user, "firewaterx," reports having talked to a T-Mobile rep who asked whether they heard any crackling or popping sounds when taking pictures.

"There seems to be an issue with the camera and it makes a popping or crackling sound, this could cause your camera to crack," the T-Mobile rep reportedly said.

Others, meanwhile, reported having scratches on the lens, but no cracks. Nonetheless, these scratches affected the image quality.

"My back facing camera is currently unusable due to the scratches on the lens. The picture quality is horrible and blurry. I didn't throw this phone every which way. I'm extremely anal about keeping my phone as pristine as possible," complained another forum user.

There are many other reports like these, and threads on XDA, Android Central forums, and other online forums are growing with complaints regarding the HTC One M8's rear camera lens cover. The threads also contain some quick solutions that fixed the problem for some, but not for all.

The threads started back in April and complaints still keep piling up, but HTC has not offered any official response, explanation, or fix so far. It remains unclear just how widespread this issue is, but it's apparently affecting plenty of HTC One M8 owners worldwide.

If you own an HTC One M8 and have faced similar problems with the rear camera lens cover, drop by our comment section below and tell us all about it. Did any of the forum posts help?

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