No LG G3-based Google Nexus 6 this year, says LG exec – What about Android Silver?

By April Taylor , Jun 18, 2014 10:17 AM EDT

An LG executive has just denied rumors of a Google Nexus 6 smartphone based on the newly-launched LG G3 powerhouse.

With the current Google Nexus 5 smartphone based on the LG G2, many Android enthusiasts were hoping to see a Google Nexus 6 smartphone this year, based on the current LG G3 flagship. The LG G3 is one of the most powerful smartphones of this year, with a slew of high-end specs and features, and all that power in a vanilla Android flavor woud likely be a dream come true for Nexus fans.

An LG executive, however, has now revealed that Google has not contacted LG in regards to the Nexus 6, Dutch publication Draad Breuk reports. More specifically, LG communications director Ken Hong told the publication in an interview that LG has not learned of any Nexus 6 product in the pipeline. The executive jokingly added that either he was kept out of the loop while the Nexus 6 was making rounds internally, or the company was simply not in charge of such a product.

On the other hand, this would not be the first time LG denies news that ultimately turn out to be accurate. Last year, for instance, a company executive similarly denied that LG would make the Nexus 5 for Google. The company later retracted the official's comments and the Nexus 5 did launch from LG, arriving as the company's second Nexus smartphone after the Google Nexus 4.

In light of this precedent, one may choose to ignore Hong's comments regarding the Nexus 6 and keep hoping to see a new Google smartphone from LG this year. It all remains hazy at this point, as it's rather difficult to anticipate whether Google will actually release a Nexus 6 at all this year, be it from LG or from another manufacturer.

The LG exec did not say that a Nexus 6 device will not launch this year, just that his company was not contacted in this regards. Hong further speculated that another manufacturer may be in charge of the next-generation Nexus smartphone.

Recent rumors, meanwhile, have suggested that Google is in fact looking to ditch its Nexus lineup and replace it with an Android Silver program, but it remains to be seen how it will all pan out. Android Silver is the next level of the company's current Google Play Edition, so to say, and LG is rumored to have an Android Silver device in the pipeline.

While Hong said that LG currently has no plans to make the Nexus 6, he neither confirmed nor denied rumors of an Android Silver device.

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