Archos Smart Home System brings automation on a budget, costs just $249.99

By April Taylor , Jun 20, 2014 10:56 AM EDT

Archos has just launched a highly-affordable Smart Home system that brings automation to the masses, sporting an attractive price tag of just $249.99.

The new Archos Smart Home system consists of a range of devices connected via one's home network, enabling users to monitor, control, and manage their home environment.

The Archos Smart Home starter kit comes with two mini cameras, two movement tags and two weather tags, allowing users to easily and conveniently handle a variety of tasks.

"With the ARCHOS Smart Home, connectivity has taken a big step forward as users can define actions based on specific triggers to meet their individual needs, creating as many possibilities as they can imagine. For example, a program could take a picture when someone opens the front door and then send a notification and the picture to its user's smartphone," Archos explains in the press release (PDF).

"At the centre of the Connected Home is the ARCHOS Smart Home Tablet which controls the Connected Objects and can be tied to the ARCHOS Smart Home application on any Android and iOS device to keep users connected from anywhere."

All of the Archos Smart Home Connected Objects are small, wireless, and discreet in order to blend into the home environment without drawing too much attention. According to the company, the gadgets come with up to one year of battery life and don't require any drill holes, screws to attach, or a complicated installation. The Connected Objects communicate with the Smart Home Tablet via Bluetooth Smart.

While other Smart Home automation kits come with hefty price tags, Archos aims to bring automation to the masses with its new budget-friendly offering. The Archos Smart Home costs just $249.99, while additional monitors are available for purchase separately for $24.99 each.

"The connected Home is a booming industry that will reach no less than $71 billion by 2018 according to Juniper," adds Archos CEO Loïc Poirier. "Our goal with the ARCHOS Smart Home is to deliver the most comprehensive selection of connected objects to fuel this Connected Home vision and drive our Connected Objects strategy."

If this sounds intriguing enough, check out Archos's website at this link to learn more about this affordable Smart Home system.

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