Google Nexus 6 smartphone still en route despite Android Silver?

By April Taylor , Jun 24, 2014 10:03 AM EDT

It seems that a Nexus 6 smartphone is still in the cards after all, if a new report turns out to be accurate.

The Nexus lineup has been very successful for Google, with both the smartphones and the tablets selling like hot cakes. Google has bumped up the specs with each new iteration, while still offering a great value-for-money deal. The Nexus devices come with good specs and affordable price tags, and the much-touted Nexus experience that guarantees timely software updates as soon as a new Android version becomes available is also a major selling point.

Recent rumors, however, have indicated that Google is getting ready to ditch its Nexus lineup in favor of a new Android Silver Program. This would entail that no new Nexus device would launch from now on, but a new report begs to differ.

The folks over at Ausdroid claim to have learned from one of their sources that the Nexus lineup will continue to expand with at least one more device, which will launch as the Nexus 6.

"The dispute surrounding whether Google will this year release another Nexus phone this year has apparently been resolved. A source within Google who is close to the project has advised Ausdroid that Google is indeed looking to release a new phone in the Nexus line later this year," the publication reports.

"It can be argued that the Nexus program is still essential to developers, offering a cost-effective device that carries the latest hardware, including sensors which Google wishes to include in the latest version of Android," the report further points out.

In addition, Ausdroid also claims to have some information regarding the specifications of the Nexus 6. According to the report, the next-generation Nexus smartphone will sport a larger 5.5-inch display, marking a 0.5-inch increase from the Nexus 5. The publication did not know whether it will have a full HD resolution of a QHD one, and it didn't mention the manufacturer either.

LG just recently denied having anything to do with a Nexus 6, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the smartphone does not exist. Google may have chosen to team up with another company to manufacturer the Nexus 6, but it's all just speculation at this point.

Google is also widely rumored to release a new Nexus tablet in collaboration with HTC, and the slate might debut as soon as Google I/O 2014, which kicks off on Wednesday, June 25. We'll keep you up to date as soon as more information comes to light, but take everything with a grain of salt in the meantime.

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