Motorola slashes up to $125 off Moto X price in new back-to-school sale

By April Taylor , Jul 25, 2014 08:32 AM EDT

Motorola is running yet another promotion for its Moto X smartphone, slashing up to $125 of the price of the smartphone as part of a new back-to-school promotion.

The Moto X stirred plenty of waves when it launched because it had something truly new to offer. While the smartphone packs mid-range specs that don't really stand out in any aspect, it boasts unprecedented and unparalleled customization options. Motorola wanted to allow customers to design their own smartphone so it matches their taste and preferences perfectly, and the Moto Maker tool offers thousands of possible design combinations for the handset.

Motorola has already run several promotions for the Moto X, one more attractive than the other, and the company is now at it again. As part of a new back-to-school promotion, Motorola is again slashing the price of the Moto X. The 16GB model now costs $299.99, i.e. $100 off its normal price, while the 32GB variants (both the regular version and the special Developer Edition) receive $125 discounts that bring the price down to $324.99. The 64GB variant gets a $125 price cut as well, now available for just $374.99. All of these versions are available via Motorola's Moto Maker website.

This back-to-school sale kicked off on Thursday, July 24, and will expire on July 31. On the other hand, it Motorola runs out of supplies, the promotion may end sooner.

"For exactly eight days only, save up to $125. Get an off-contract Moto X and enjoy big back-to-school savings. Hurry! Quantities are limited," Motorola touts in a promotional email we received earlier.

As previously mentioned, Motorola has already run several promotions for its one and only flagship, the Moto X, so at this point it doesn't really come as much of a surprise anymore. Nevertheless, if you missed the chance to buy a discounted Moto X on previous occasions, you now get another shot.

Previous promotions have quickly turned into massive hits and Motorola sold out of the Moto X in no time, so interested buyers who want to take advantage of this new back-to-school deal might want to hurry before Motorola runs out of stock again. It's also worth pointing out that this promotional sale is available only for U.S. customers.

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