Improved Search and Explore for Instagram

By Denivee Noble , Jun 25, 2015 08:13 PM EDT

"See the world as it happens." San Francisco-developed photosharing app Instagram unveiled its improved Search and Explore features. On its official blog, the revamped features were explained, with Instagram saying that the improvements were to enable users to experience the world in real-time through their fellow users.

Instagram is one of those social networking sites that has easily accessible content and user interface. Using it involves just regularly updating one's account and following others who regularly update theirs. It's an on-the-go documentation platform for any selfie-happy millenial who can't get enough of showing the online world what action his or her life is in the moment it happens.

Recently, the Facebook-owned and developed app has reinvented its Explore feature into the Explore Page, which has as its features trending Tags and trending Places. Upon visiting Explore, and through the tags, Instagram users will get to see places and events as seen by millions of other Instagram users worldwide. Explore also gets users connected to other users nearby, letting them see events and take part in conversations within their reach, at their time. Users get to see and experience through the eyes-and camera lenses-of others.

The search feature has also been updated, with Top Search now able to allow users to search different tags all at the same time. Search Places now also enables users to check out locations all over the world, with what else but picturesque Instagram posts to tour users around. This means one can plan travel destinations of the next night out by looking at what others do and where they go to, via the improved Search. The reimagined Instagram takes its users anywhere in the here and now.

"See the world as it happens", says Instagram's official blog, as it unveiled the reinvented features. With Search and Explore offering glimpses from all over the world, through the eyes of Instagram's millions of users, the photo-sharing app does just that. Instagram just took a step towards moving the site from picturesque and filtered, to real and present.

The android and iOS versions of Instagram 7 are officially available in Googleplay and iTunes App Store.  

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