Meet Thync, the Gadget That Can Bring You to Nirvana

By Vlad Tverdohleb , Jul 05, 2015 11:55 PM EDT

Thync, a wireless gadget that zaps your brain, promises to bring you to Nirvana. The device will help you meditate, will make you more energetic or calmer. All you have to do is place it on your head and let it beam low level electric current on you until you get there. The developers of this gadget claim that the device will have the job done in just about five minutes.

Thync was designed by a team of biomedical and neuroscience engineering experts. Over the past three years, the device and software have already been tested on thousands of people. Investors have put more than $13 million in the company developing Thync.

The team behind Thync sees their product as a new category of technology that can directly tap into our brains in order to change our moods. You can feel however you wish by using Thync's software. This kind of gadgets can be a real help for people going through difficult situations in their lives and a modern alternative to pills and drinks.

Thync is actually not a single device but rather a system composed of four products. The main component is a white, slightly curved, triangular device that is placed above the tail of the right eyebrow, on your forehead.

The package also contains two thin hydra gel-coated strips snapped into the main component. The shorter band loops behind the ear, while the longer band attaches to the back of your neck after it wraps around the temple. In a way, the gadget reminds of an eye patch used by pirates.

Users of Thync are instructed to use the shorter band if they need an energy boost and the longer band if they want to create a sense of peace, ease, and calm.

The setup is controlled by a dedicated app, through Bluetooth. Users can choose their desired levels of duration and intensity of the mood-altering pulsations. Preorders for the Thync gadget began shipping this Monday. The whole set comes at a price tag of $299.

Passing different levels of electric current through the nerves or the brain can affect their chemical activity. Thync doesn't claim to cure or treat disease but just to affect brain chemical activity by passing various levels of electric current through the nerves. Thousands of tiny pulsations will tickle your nerves once you attach the modules to your head and start the app. Signaling the cranial nerves that connect directly to your brain can induce various biological responses, including alertness or relaxation. So, you'll be able to mediate without efforts, if you so wish, and why not, even to achieve Nirvana.

According to the company that designed Thync, users of the gadget do no need to be concerned about the amount of electric current flowing through the device. This low-level electric current is generating only 20 percent of what you would get from over-the-counter muscle stimulation kits. Thync's application software dictates specific patterns of undulating levels of electric flow that stimulate nerves for each desired effect. Thync could be a helpful chemical-free option for those people who enjoy new ways to feel energized or just need help relaxing.

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