Google Now Has Tracking Tools For Its Smartphones

By Denivee Noble , Jul 15, 2015 09:41 PM EDT

Google is making its efforts known when it comes to smartphone location-tracking. On Tuesday, the company has announced a new location-tracking format it has developed, called the Eddystone. The new feature will be incorporated in Google smartphones. The search giant is also reportedly looking into incorporating it to Google Now.

The primary function of Eddystone appears to be information relay and dissemination within a given area. For example, at a bus stop, a smartphone user may be able to get tickets using Eddystone. In a museum, too, for instance, the user will be able to access information about what is exhibited in the place. 

According to TodayOnline, the new feature works with electronic beacons giving more specific information and location within smartphone applications. 

"Working closely with partners in the BLE (bluetooth low energy) beacon industry, we've learned a lot about the needs and the limitations of existing beacon technology. So we set out to build a new class of beacons that addresses real-life use-cases, cross-platform support, and security," said a July 14 blog post in the Google Developers Blog.

"The ecosystem of app developers and beacon manufacturers is important in pushing these technologies forward and the best ideas won't come from just one company, so we encourage you to get some Eddystone-supported beacons today from our partners and begin building!" the blog also read.

The new open format seems to be Google's answer to Apple's iBeacon, which has been released in 2013. The iBeacon similarly uses electronic beacons to locate iPhones and access information and other devices. 

Google is investing in the mobile market, with its operating system, the android, garnering 81% of the smartphone market in the world. The company hopes that other devices will be able to make use of the new open format. 

The Eddystone has been introduced on Tuesday, the same day Wi-fi Alliance, which Apple is a part of, announced its own Wi-fi Aware. The feature similarly tracks smartphones within a given area, allowing for interaction and access to information.

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