Bugs In Windows 10

By Vlad Tverdohleb , Aug 06, 2015 06:27 PM EDT

While Windows 10 has a potential to be a great operating system upgrade, unfortunately, it was proved being quite great yet. Windows 10 is an essential redesign of Microsoft's operating system. That alone can be a good reason for an upgrade if you haven't done it yet. However, you might be interested in a reality check first.

After around one week since it was launched, users have found it to be buggy compared to Windows 8.1. Some bugs are not really surprising for a new operating system and it is understandable it doesn't come out on the market in a perfect state. It's still a place for improvement. But Windows 10 has a bit too many bugs, to the point that some more prudent consumers may want to wait before making an upgrade.

One problem users complained about is the fact that the Start Menu becomes occasionally buggy. For many Microsoft OS users, the return of the Start Menu has been the single most important change. However, they discovered that it's not quite stable yet. Sometimes it becomes inaccessible, it's either very slow to respond or it just crashes outright.

The Edge browser, a new feature in Windows 10 seems to need some more work. It is fast when it's working, but sometimes it has troubles running some websites, other times it just stops responding. This is not so surprising for a brand-new browser.

Users of the new Windows 10 have the option to revert to Internet Explorer and this may solve some of the issues. Users of the Firefox browser are also complaining that Mozilla's internet navigator does not perform as well on Windows 10. But there are also hopes that Microsoft will work to improve their new Edge browser and come soon with some updates.

Anyways, Windows 10 feels overall faster compared with previous versions, such as Windows 8.1, and one of the reasons is the fact that it switched to Edge. Another issue some users complained about is that applications don't carry over. Especially proprietary business applications are not always supported on the new Windows operating system.

Windows 10 also freezes sometimes and overall freeze-ups on the new Microsoft OS are more common compared to Windows 8.1. Especially when using the hibernation feature, leaving the computer idle for several hours and come back, sometimes users are forced to restart Windows 10 because it's unresponsive. Bugs in Microsoft code or some Windows device drivers might be the cause for this.

Cortana, Microsoft's new sophisticated digital personal assistant that can understand voice commands, is still a work in progress. Using the voice recognition feature is hit-or-miss. Simple commands usually work, but more complex tasks like dictating emails are not so smooth as expected.

Challenges with the new Windows 10 were documented by its users with the hashtag #Windows10Fail. Some of the problems are minor, some not. In order to address several problems, Microsoft issued on Wednesday a "cumulative" update for Windows 10. Time will tell if that update could solve the issues below.

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