You Can Now Use Your iPhone With Google Smartwatch

Google has finally decided to open up the Android Wear platform and released an iOS app. This enables users of the iPhone to use connect to a Google Android-powered smartwatch instead of having only the choice to connect with the Apple Watch.

The technology has become more and more mobile over the past few years, and this trend is leaning today towards wearables, in particular, smartwatches. For a while, given the inherent design, wearables niche has ended up being restricted to the underlying smartphone platform.

This situation is due primarily to the fact that smartwatches are essentially just extensions of existing smartphones using the Bluetooth connectivity. Smartwatch platforms are, therefore, just a subset of the smartphone current camps split between Google's Android and Apple's iOS.

Since Apple Watch comes just in one form factor, the new possibility of using Google Wear means that the users of iPhone can now choose more shapes and form factors, including a circular dial smartwatch. It is always a good thing when more options are available and the available product variety has just gone up.

The Google Wear range of products are not only coming from Google but are manufactured by several manufacturer company. They will be now at an advantage since they can cater to both iOS and Android users.

David Singleton, Director of Engineering, Android Wear, said in the official Google blog that when users choose to you wear something every day, they expect it to really work for them. For this reason, Android Wear offers countless design choices, so everyone can find the watch that fits their own style.

There are watches with a more classic look and a round shape form and watches with a more modern style, to fit every taste. But more than a simple design choice, now Android Wear watches come with support for iOS and can work together with iPhones.

Google just launched its Android Wear for iOS. With this choice OS all you have to do it to just pair your Android Wear watch with your iPhone to get access to helpful information right to your wrist. You can check on your Google Smartwatch important info like messages, phone calls, and apps notifications. Since Android Wear features always-on displays users will never have to move their wrist to wake up their watch.

Another interesting niche that can take advantage of the connectivity between iPhone and Google Smartwatch applications is fitness. Users can follow their fitness, get daily and weekly views of their progress, set fitness goals and more. Their Google watch will automatically track running and walking, and could even measure users' heart rate.

With the smart help functions, users can also save time. For instance, it is possible to receive timely tips like flight status, current traffic info or when to leave for appointments. With the voice recognition app, users of the Android Wear just have to say "Ok Google" and make inquiries for the information there are looking for.

Android Wear for iOS works with LG Watch Urbane. According to Google, all future Android Wear watches, including Motorola, Asus, and Huawei will also support iOS.

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