PS4 Reveals Firmware Update 3.0 Release Date

Sony is in the works on its third major enhancement on the BSD-based OS. The PS4 firmware 3.0 is ready to provide a comparable level of development this time around.

With the addition of YouTube live streaming, enhanced cloud storage, and improved social features, the firmware 3.0 would not be groundbreaking, but with any luck it will make the routine process of the PS4 considerably less difficult.

Last October, Sony unveiled firmware 2.0. It brought themes, Share Play, and music playback to the game console. Back in March, firmware 2.5 gave users an advanced quality of Remote Play streams and the capability to pause and play gameplay at will.

Without a doubt, the largest effect is how Sony will be managing cloud saves for PlayStation Plus subscribers. As a replacement for the small one gigabyte cloud storage space, 10 gigabytes is the new standard. Even enhanced, firmware 3.0 will give enhanced tools for checking how much cloud storage players are consuming and for changing which titles will go to spontaneously upload new saves.

Now that Google is seriously taking on the gaming market, Sony is adding in the skill to live stream on YouTube from PS4. On top of that, users will still be able to stream on Ustream and Twitch, so traditionalists of those amenities would not be adversely crushed.

In history, Sony has not had a predominantly solid grip on the social characteristics of online gaming. With the Kenshin update, the PlayStation crew is trying to address some of the more annoying essentials of playing and communicating online. The Favorite Groups will propose easy entree to gamers' favorite PSN companions, so users would not have to scroll up and down their whole list of friends to find them. If they need new online friends to interact with, the new "communities" option will aid them link with new players. If players cannot be troubled to communicate with voice, or even chats, users will now be able to send stickers back and forth.

Firmware 3.0 has a few other features but are somewhat insignificant. Users will be able to upload up to 10 seconds of gameplay film straight to Twitter, and they can now pester their friends to start live streaming with the new request to watch add-on. Some of the old features are getting fresh-coated, but there is nothing to get excited, just some quality of life developments here and there.

The closed beta started this week, though Sony has continued to be quiet regarding the firmware's release date. Nevertheless, it is safe to shoulder that users will see this update unveil later this year except when the beta testers find a disastrous error.

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