Google Launches Pixel C Android Tablet

Google gave us the Pixel Chromebook in 2013. Now, Android M will be bringing on board the name, and it all jolts with a new Pixel C tablet.

The new tablet has all the Pixel's features users are familiar with. But the best characteristic of it is the elective keyboard seized together with self-supporting magnets so dominant that the users can clench the tablet overturned and it would not fall apart. The 10.2-inch screen can bend anywhere from 100 to 135 degrees.

Currently, users would be undergoing a bunch of familiarities. The big transformation of being a Chrome OS is totally not present on a Pixel device. Google's objective with the Pixel C is most likely to get tablets front and center at the workstation. At least, seen as equipment that go outside pure consumption but can also get work finished. Google has had the Android OS, but never had an internal hardware console.

Like many tablet crossbreeds out in the market, users can switch to a keyboard to transcribe a document or direct long emails. With the Pixel C, users can slide the tablet, flip, and prop it on the back, no kickstand or clasp compulsory, and then use the tablet like a conventional laptop. The keyboard links via Bluetooth, and it all seems tough. The keyboard also lasts up to two months of regular usage on a single charge, but the tablet charges the keyboard when it is turned off.

In order to better accommodate computer abilities with a tablet, the field of the keyboard's buttons are alike to those on the laptop. Meaning, the keys are spread out at the same space. The Pixel team describes that they fit the keys on the keyboard this way by asserting less significant symbol keys on the edge more to the side.

The Pixel C links and charges with the USB-Type C connector that is being fully incorporated into the Google ecosystem across consoles, including the new Nexus lineup of smartphones. Lastly, Google also supplemented four microphones to let users input voice instructions from across the room.

That keyboard's price is $150, while the tablet costs $500 for 32 gigabytes and $600 for 64 gigabyte variants.

Pixel C will be available for the holiday season.

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