The Best New Features Of Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Apple's iOS9 together with the two new iPhones may have once again made world record when the company sold 13 million units in the course of its opening weekend. However, Android is still taking the lion's share of the market with 82.8% of the users based on IDC results in Q2 of 2015. With that said, many are on the edge of their seats heavily anticipating the release of Google's latest mobile operating system.

Marshmallow is all set to bring a new set of features that will give more functionality to smartphones running Google's latest operating system. Here they are.

Doze And App Standby

With Android 6.0 Marshmallow, devices can go on standby when the operating system detects that it is at rest. This will still allow devices to ring alarms in the morning even if the users forget to charge them. Battery drain is also prevented as Marshmallow lets seldom used apps limit their impact on the device's battery life.

Granular Control Over Permissions

Before, apps downloaded from the Google Play Store will ask several permissions to access the things it may need to work: the camera, your identification, location, and message history to name a few. With Android 6.0 Marshmallow, developers can now ask for access permissions only when they are required. This way, users will be able to know which apps access which feature.

USB Type-C Support

Most of flagship smartphones that have recently been leaked or come out have gotten rid of the standard micro-USB port in favor of the newer standard, the USB Type-C. Not only does it allow wrong direction inputs, USB Type-C also delivers faster transfer and charging speeds. Google has added support for the standard, so it is most likely that more smartphones next year will be equipped with one.

Now On Tap

Google Now gets smarter as it can now communicate with a device's on-screen elements to show more informative data. With a simple tap, users can get instant cards, making it useful especially during crunch time.

Fingerprint Sensor

While there has been a handful of smartphones with fingerprint sensors coming out in the market, they still are not homebaked to Android's ecosystem. Google will be changing all that as it builds a dedicated support for fingerprint sensors right into an Android device.

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