Apple Would Not Be Merging iOS and OS X

By Jan David Perianes , Sep 30, 2015 11:45 AM EDT

Windows 10's idea of an ecosystem is to have a singular operating system across all devices. Microsoft's 'One' movement has centralized each of their own devices should you own the lot of them. Real time syncing, one account, and continuity are its keys to success. It is different for Apple, however. Despite public outcries of users who have built a solid foundation on Cupertino's ecosystem, Apple still has no intention of merging both of its iOS and OS X platforms into one.

Last year, rumors have began surfacing that Apple was working on something to bring together both of its OS X and iOS platforms together - the iAnywhere, or so people began to call it. The premise of the so-called operating system was to allow a special dock that can turn an iPad into a full desktop computer. And as expected, it bore no fruit. Recently, however, Apple had blurred the line between mobile tablets and personal computers with the iPad Pro - a 12.9 inch tablet that features a smart keyboard and the Apple Pencil. This has once again resurfaced the cries of many.

Apple's Chief Executive, Tim Cook, in a chat with Box's Aaron Levie dismissed the notion of unifying both of its mobile and desktop/laptop platforms. The idea is that users would not be able to get the best experience from either, denoting that there would be compromises to be made during switches from iOs to OS X.

While Apple's idea is sort of an antithesis to Microsoft's unifications, the former is not dismissing the latter. It is quite the contrary, actually. Apple, despite being frequent rivals with Redmond's Microsoft, can "partner on more things" with the software giant. A recent example is Microsoft's suite of Office apps and its updates making it to the iPad Pro and iOS 9.

Companies adapting the BYOD scheme have been booming, especially from startups that allow the use of their employees' devices. Apple's devices have remained as one of the most popular devices in these setup, and in this sense, a unified platform would still make sense.

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