Microsoft Targets Google Cardboard With VR Kit

Google's Cardboard is a no-frills entry to Virtual Reality, many would consider it as a consumer's entry to the world of virtual reality without huddling through endless entanglements of different colored wires. But then again, some users might find Google's cardboard workaround somewhat crude and unrefined, a paper colored makeshift to fill in the need of the basics. Microsoft's take on it, however, is a quirky colorful foldable headset - the Microsoft VR Kit.

Microsoft's Virtual Reality kit is a color personalization on the software giant's end. The Microsoft VR Kit is colored purple, akin to the onset of setting up Windows 8 and Windows 10. The Redmond-based company is planning to release their VR Kit as part of their hosted Virtual Reality hackathon that will happen in Russia next month. There are speculations that developers will be using the headset to prototype Virtual Reality content on Lumia handsets.

Microsoft has also an Oct. 6 event to be held in New York, which coincides with the company-hosted hackathon in Russia. While the company did not say that they will be releasing the Microsoft VR Kit outside the the hackathon, many believe that it will also be unveiled alongside the Surface Pro 4 and other Lumia devices.

Speculations outside the availability of the VR Kit have also surfaced. The push for Virtual Reality going mainstream has made great impact to manufacturers and developers alike. Google has its Cardboard, Sony now has the PlayStation VR, formerly named Project Morpheus, Oculus has its Oculus Rift, HTC, and Valve with their Vive, and Samsung with its Galaxy Gear VR. While Microsoft has its HoloLens, its technology is in the realm of augmented reality, and this would mean that the company would be needing a suitable entry to compete with the likes of tech giants equal to Redmond's magnitude.

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