Facebook Is Revamping Mobile Profiles

Facebook Is Revamping Mobile Profiles

It is not just visiting anymore. People use Facebook for hours on end to interact and communicate with their circle of friends and families. All it takes is a couple of swipes and taps to get access to the latest updates from the people the users follow. Mobillity has definitely taken its course. And with that said, Facebook is continously developing the largest social network's mobile-friendly features. The company has unveiled three main improvements that let its users have more control and have more ways in expressing themselves.

Animated Profile Photos

Facebook has already started testing out profile videos. Soon, those who visit a user's Facebook profile will be greeted with a short video clip that will play on the loop. 'Profile Videos' as Facebook calls it will let its users show a part of themselves that they could not before, all while adding a new dimension to profiles.

Dynamic Profile Photos

Facebook has also started rolling out the capability of users to set a temporary version of a user's profile picture that reverts back to the previous picture on a specified schedule. Temporary profile pictures wil let the user's Facebook Friends know what is going on in their lives today.

Improved Profile Controls

From the start, Facebook has always allowed its user base to control who can see information on their profiles, and today, the company is making it easier with a new customizable space at the top of the profile page. The space can be curated. Users can change the visibility of each field that shows up in a user's profile page. To add, visual highlights in the form of Featured Photos will allow users to choose up to five photos to be displayed at the top of their profiles.

Facebook has already started the aforementioned features to a number of iPhone users in the United Kingdom and the United States, and more countries will come soon. The social network believes that these improvements to profile will give its users more ways to interact with one another.

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