Google Maps Is Now On Apple Watch

Apple Watch users have some pretty handy features with their smartwatch, but they are stuck with the Apple Maps app. Apple Maps has improved over the past few years, but for many users, Google Maps is till the more efficient location app. And the fact that Google Maps does not work in the Apple Watch is a downer, because it has already rolled out to iPhones and iPads. 

Good news. Now, Google has released an update which includes full support for the Apple Watch, among other notable functions. An Engadget report says that the update for the Google Maps for iOS has rolled out on Tuesday, Sept. 29. The smartwatch has a very small screen, so it certainly does not seem like a full map can be displayed on the watch. So instead of displaying full maps upon opening the app, it works by presenting the user with two simple choices: directions to go to work or to go home.

The options have been set by the user's Google account. Users will also be able to switch from directions via walking, driving or transit by force pressing on the screen. Quick tips will show users recent directions they have searched. The Verge has reported that the app also enables users to compare ETAs more easily, and with it, Google also claims that users will be able to call businesses and establishments, and get directions from "a list of places."

The update has also brought changes to the Google Maps app for the iPhone. Engadget points out that the navigation element which lets users switch from walking, driving or transit has been improved with the new update. The function now shows the ETA for each of the methods. This is also a timely update for the Apple Watch, as the WatchOS2 now supports transit directions.

The latest Google Maps for iOS update is now available on the iTunes Store. The update comes in more than thirty languages. 

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