Gran Turismo PS4 To Use VR Is Very Difficult

Gran Turismo 7 from Polyphony Digital for the PlayStation 4 was confirmed a couple years ago. Though the driving genre is very difficult to fit in a PS VR, Sony is working hard to make it happen.

Having a rough start last year, DriveClub has continued its momentum. Sony was not expecting this many folks to purchase a PlayStation 4, and even have PlayStation Plus membership. Because DriveClub was first titled for the unveiling of the system, the number of probable people to download for free for the PS Plus variety would be much slighter two years after. The company realized the intimidating task of backing up possibly millions of folks to download and play. The team required to go back to square one and recreate the server side of it.

Sony was initially aiming for five million PS4s traded, but concluded doing seven million, and still going on. All in all, the company is really happy with how designer Evolution Studios moved DriveClub as things went on. On the other hand, the DriveClub series may end with just one game, as Sony admits the racing genre is in a difficult place.

The driving genre is a very difficult market in VR gaming. The team needs to find a great viewpoint for the racing to go on or to design a new racing game if Sony were to look at another racing title. Considering another racing label players know, Polyphony's Gran Turismo 7 is coming to PlayStation 4. While the game is still in the development stages, Sony would really like to see it support PlayStation VR.

Sony stated that many trial tests for the VR have been going on, and some genres just work fine. One of those genres are racing games. When Gran Turismo comes out on PS4, the company would like to see game work for the PS VR.

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