Microsoft Surface Pro 4 May Come In Two Screen Sizes

Redmond-based software giant Microsoft will be having a launching event for Windows 10 devices on Oct. 6, Tuesday. Among the products that are reported to be taking the stage in th event are two new Lumia phone models, the next generation Microsoft Band and the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 tablet. Much has been speculated on and said about the mobile phones and the band, but with little time before the event, details about the Surface Pro 4 are also surfacing.

Microsoft's tablet series has not enjoyed a sizable share in the gadgets market, and only with the release of the Surface Pro 3 did the Suface series begin bringing in profit. According to Gadgets 360, different reports have divulged different details about the new device. The expected properties of the newest Suface tablet, however, includes the latest Intel Core processor, Skylake, and a 500 GB hard drive.

RAM can go up to 16 GB for the new device. Rumored features of the Surface Pro 4 include a razor-thin bezel, which some reports maintain, is almost "non-existent". Also, the Surface Pro 4 tablet is said to come in two variants: one with a 14-inch screen size and another with 12 inches. The report has not been confirmed as of this writing.

The Surface Pro 4 tablet has been described as one made for professionals. The device is awaited by Microsoft followers as its pedecessor, the Surface Pro 3, received overwhelming response from customers upon its release last year. It still leaves much to be seen whether the new tablet will be generating the same positive response from loyal Microsoft customers.

But at this time, customers may still be happy with their old devices, so a new tablet may not be appealing for the time being. The launching event is set to unveil the new gadgets anyway, so now people can see for themselves and confirm or debunk the reports, and also, form their own responses about the gadgets.

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