Bocco The Robot Helps Families Keep In Touch

Bocco is a cute little family robot that brings loved ones closer. Designed by Yukai Engineering, the robot is a communication device that acts just like a speaker phone, a message recording system and a door sensor.

This generation's lifestyle may not be similar to that of the Jetsons, but this does not mean that it lags far behind schedule in terms of having robots helping in our homes. Bocco, for instance, is a little cute robot that makes people want to go out and purchase one instantly, if society remains relaxed by its 29,000 Yen price tax exclusive, which would be seen in retail stores in the region of $300 after conversion. The Bocco robot has already begun to ship in Japan this July, where it serves as a family robot.

Having in mind the Jetsons meaning of family robot, Bocco is not going to obey commands. After all, with a size no larger than that of a little doll, it cannot do basic housekeeping. The function of Bocco is to assist the parents in keeping in touch with their children at home or other members of the family.

Bocco's target market are the working parents who want to establish communication with their children. Parents can use an application that runs on the iOS or Android platforms to send an SMS or speak into the app. This app will then send the SMS or voice mail to the family robot, which in turn will convey whatever communication is said upon receiving the message.

Bocco's eyes are color green, but it turns into red when it is being recorded. Each acquisition comes with motion sensor, and if the little ones decide to not listen to the robot by pressing the play button on its chest, there is not much the parents can do.

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