Sony Xperia Z4v Is Not Coming Anywhere

By Paul Pajarillo , Oct 06, 2015 09:56 PM EDT

The Sony Xperia Z4v was announced by Verizon Wireless last June. The month has long passed but still no sign of the smartphone anywhere.

Verizon publicized that a certain Sony Xperia Z4v smartphone would be available sometime by August. That said month has come to pass with no word, no whisper and not even shadow of the said Xperia.

Updating its statement, the communications company discloses that they are scuffling the exclusive Sony smartphone totally. This is probably for the best alternative considering what the Xperia Z4v is based on, and it might have done more damage than gain for the carrier if it pushed through.

To start with the Xperia Z3v, Sony and Verizon have started to put out exclusive devices much like the contract that Verizon has with Motorola over the DROID category. Unlike DROIDs, the "V" smartphones are just a specially branded variety instead of substantially different mockups. The Xperia Z4v would have been next in the series if not for this abrupt withdrawal.

While Verizon does not give a purpose for the modification of strategies, the Xperia Z4v is founded on the Xperia Z4 launched in Japan, and also known as the Xperia Z3+ somewhere. While the smartphone bore a high-resolution QHD screen, it became Sony's most defamed model because of reported issues of overheating courtesy of the Snapdragon 810 by Qualcomm. This is exactly a great achievement in Sony's mobile history and would have also smudged the reputation of Verizon.

By now, the problem is controversial. Sony already exposed the Xperia Z5, together with the Xperia Z5 Compact and the Xperia Z5 Premium. While judgment is still out whether Sony has finally resolved the problems in this latest lineup, things are looking favorable.

Verizon has not yet deep-rooted if it will carry any of those smartphones, but in its Xperia Z4v withdrawal, the company claims to be dedicated to backing up Sony, mentioning that it could soon be a possibility.

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