Amazon Begins Shipping New Fire TV

Internet retailer Amazon launches its new box device called the Fire TV. This device is compatible not only to the LED flat screen TVs but also to the old bulky versions.

Amazon is known for being a huge online store retailer. Lately, the business is gently getting more consideration for the hardware they build. The company recently publicized new low-priced tablets and a new box device along other products for television. TVs have been getting smarter lately, even running Android operating system that Google created for the larger screens. Purchasing a box device offers some profits, not only in terms of giving old TV sets some new-found life or how smooth or fast the system runs compared to the Smart TVs but also in terms of applications, and the whole system could get updated to execute better.

Now, most of Amazon's TV merchandises are shipping to those who want to purchase the products without waiting any longer. The products available include the Fire TV, which is a regular TV box device, but now it embraces 4K competences that work with Netflix and Amazon's Video service. The new device supports voice commands using Alexa, which would let users check sports scores, find content, play music, weather forecasts and other additional information. The new Fire TV is priced at $99.99.

The second merchandise is very much alike to the Fire TV, but it is committed to users who want it for gaming purposes. The device includes a game controller well-matched with Alexa, plus two premium games that are bundled with it.

Lastly, Amazon's Fire Stick, which connects directly to the HDMI port, and its compact size let users carry it wherever. The specifications of the Fire Stick are not as good compared to the box device, but a lot of content can still be played by the users and their smartphones can manage it in addition to the remote, favoring portability.

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