Talk To Siri For Philips Hue Lights

By Paul Pajarillo , Oct 07, 2015 09:15 PM EDT

Philips smart home illumination is getting provisions for Apple's HomeKit framework and voice control with Siri. The new Philips Hue Bridge 2.0 permits users to link into Apple's HomeKit and switch illumination with Siri.

In accordance with Philips, users will be able to convey voice instructions to Siri and tell her to "dim the lamp to 35 percent" or "turn off the living room light." The feature is offered in Apple's consoles running the iOS 9, and the Apple Watch also.

Apple's HomeKit is the company's effort to take advantage of what promises to be a huge smart home market in the next coming years. Hardware and software designers can hook their goods to HomeKit and let the users govern their merchandises through the iOS. The HomeKit configures with many smart home goods, locks, plugs, switches, including thermostats, and more.

Philips Hue has swiftly become one of the frontrunners in the smart home lighting industry. The company's Hue device contains a starter kit with three light bulbs, as well as a Bridge that associates them and permits them to be wirelessly used.

Recent versions of the Bridge did not comprise the HomeKit addition, but Philips was fast enough to note that if the present Hue owners purchase Bridge 2.0, it will work with recently bought lighting equipment. The Philips Hue Bridge 2.0 is also working with other HomeKit-enabled products.

Philips indicated that with this innovation, people can ask Siri to wake up their home, turning on their Philips Hue lights and adjusting the thermostat to a cozy temperature giving their families a good day's start. Before going to bed, folks can ask Siri to remember light scenes they have created using the Philips Hue application, or set their houses to night mode turning off the lights and locking the front and back doors.

The new Philips Bridge 2.0 is taking off in Europe and North America. Customers who already has Bridge can purchase the latest version for just $40. Customers searching for a new Kit will get Bridge 2.0 and three light bulbs for only $200.

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