Porsche Opts CarPlay Over Android Auto

By Paul Pajarillo , Oct 07, 2015 11:00 PM EDT

The 2017 Porsche 911 will have loads of extravagant features, but Google's Android Auto will not be in the lineup. The carmaker has chosen Apple's opposing CarPlay system over Android Auto due to privacy issues.

There is no technical intention the 2017 Carrera does not have Android Auto playing through its immensely upgraded PCM structure. But there is a decent reason for it. Google would have mandated that Porsche give a good deal of information, such as vehicle speed and throttle position, or one should say essentially a comprehensive on-board diagnostic dump when a driver initiates Android Auto.

Porsche feels information like this is the secret that makes its vehicles one of a kind. Besides, giving such information to a multi-billion dollar company that is currently building a vehicle is not wise either. Apple seemingly only desires to know if the vehicle is moving while using CarPlay.

Google, on the other hand, repudiated that it gathers such information from vehicles utilizing Android Auto. Google takes privacy very seriously and do not accumulate information Porsche claims such as oil temperatures, throttle position or coolant systems. Users opt in to divulge data with Android Auto that improves experience, so the configuration can be hands-free when driving and gives more precise navigation through the car's global positioning system.

For example, the car may share GPS location data with a user's smartphone because it is more precise and saves the phone's battery life. Android Auto also wants to know whether the car is in drive or park mode for safety purposes, and whether it is nighttime or daytime to adjust the screen illuminations. Moreover, drivers have to opt in to make available their car's information to applications, together with Google services as well as its third-party applications.

In the interim, this is not the first time society is hearing about such concerns. Over the summer, automobile companies wanted to keep information about people's touring out of Apple's and Google's hands, but largely for financial details. Carmakers apparently do not want the tech hulks to get the extra money because they wanted a piece of it.

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