Nissan Teatro Is A Giant Tablet On Wheels

By Paul Pajarillo , Oct 07, 2015 11:03 PM EDT

The Nissan Teatro concept for Dayz made its introduction this week at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. The carmaker states that there are no campaigns to make this a reality, it is only proposed to start a new discussion about the purpose of automobiles.

Enter Nissan's Dayz concept called Teatro, a nip-sized electric car with an inside that can scheme different sights based on weather, mood, or just the typical day's vibe. When parked, the vehicle's headrests, door trim, seats and instrument panel can be turned into a big moving display.

General Manager Hidemi Sasaki of Nissan's Product Planning states that the new generation getting their driver's licenses has always been connected through digital technology, social media, email and so on. The things that move these digital generation is seizing the experience in snapshots and videos and sharing it. Friends reply with likes and share the knowledge more. The important matter is not whether something is experienced virtually or personally, what is vital is the sharing process.

In crafting a vehicle for folks who went from the cradle straight to the Internet, Nissan had to ponder things beyond like driving range, horsepower and color options. For instance, the vehicle is small because minicars tell young drivers of the convenient mobile devices they carry around in their pockets. The car is electric not for environmental motives but because today's generation of consumers are already familiar to charging and recharging their devices at home.

When the car is actually being driven, the driver sees a steering wheel, brake pedals and an accelerator. Drivers can adjust position and size of the gauges, meters and even car navigation information on the screen, while other data can be hidden.

When the car is parked, view some videos on the LED screens or share a selfie or organize a party via an onboard camera, while the car's electric battery keeps smartphones and other devices plugged in.

The one thing the vehicle seems to be missing out is an internal storage. The front seats are connected without a center console, and there happens to be no glove compartments.

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