Google Aims To Make Mobile Surfing Faster

The surfing experience of mobile has proved to be a wonderful experience as it brings handy information even while people are on the move. Google, however, thinks that the experience can still be improved. Mountain View's new Accelerated Pages Project aims to dramatically improve the performance of the mobile web content to make web pages, videos, animations, graphics and other elements load in an instant.

As mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets revolutionize the way users access and obtain information in the internet, publishers around the world use this as a solid platform to reach out readers. However, webpages that take too long load leave users with a less than satisfactory experience, thus losing readers in the process, along with the chance to earn profit from advertisments and subscriptions.

Google wants webpages with rich content to work alongside smart ads, and they want to make it load instanttaneously. The search engine giant also wants the same code to wrok across multiple platforms and devices used by everyone that has internet access, no matter the type of mobile device they are using.

The Accelerated Pages Project relies on AMP HTMP - a new open framework that is built entirely out of existing web technologies to allow websites to build lightweight webpages for faster loading times. Google hopes that its other services such as Google News will also come integrated with AMP HTML pages. There are now 30 publishers from around the world who are taking part in the project, and this event marks as a start of a collaboration of Google between publishers and technology companies.

Notable companies who are planning to integrate the AMP HTML pages are Twitter, Pinterest, WordPress,Chartbeat,, Adobe Analytics and LinkedIn, and more participants will come along the way. Google hopes that the open nature of Accelerated Mobile Pages will secure and protect the free flow of information by first ensuring that mobile surfing works as fast and as better for everyone.

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