Facebook's Reactions Is A Like Button With More Levels of Emotions

Facebook today is beginning to test Reactions - a more expressive Like button that gives people more ways to share what their reaction is towards a post in a quick and easy way, think of it as an extension of the ubiquitous Like button that summarizes the reaction of the readers, although a more extensive one.

Facebook is looking forward to start out the test, and citizens of Ireland and Spain will be the first ones to try it out. They will be able to react to any post across the social network as well. The goal of the social network company with Reaction is to show its users stories that matters to them in the News Feed. Facebook will infer if the user would want to see more of that type of post according to the Reaction used for the post.

"The Like button has been a part of Facebook for a long time. Billions of Likes are made every day, and Liking things is a simple way to express yourself. For many years though, people have asked us to add a "dislike" button. Not every moment is a good moment, and sometimes you just want a way to express empathy." said Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg.

The new Reactions feature will hopefully be able to allow users to express their thoughts that is beyond a singular Like button. As Zuckerberg said, not every moment is a good moment, and such events are not something that users can just generally express the proper emotions with a Like button.

Facebook's Reactions is designed to give its massive user base a method to express love, awe, humor and sadness. While it is not actually a Dislike button that has been wanted by its users, Reactions give everyone the power to express sorrow an empathy as the case may be, and joy and warmth when the situation dictates it.

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