Judge Says Samsung Did Not Infringe On NVIDIA Patents

By Denivee Noble , Oct 11, 2015 06:19 PM EDT

Large technology companies are no strangers to patent cases. Because of tight competition among products which closely resemble one another, a company can claim that another has copied and vice versa. And it is hard to tell which really came first. Companies such as Apple, Google and Microsoft have gone to court over patent infringement. And most recently, a court case involving companies Samsung and NVIDIA has been reported to have reached a determination.

The ruling is still not final according to a Herald Current Report. The initial determination has been announced on Friday by Judge Thomas Pender, who ruled that the South Korean tech company did not infringe on NVIDIA's patents. The case between the two companies, including Qualcomm, has been brought about by allegations that Samsung has infringed upon NVIDIA's patents for the upcoming GPU. Judge Pender's initial determination says that Samsung did not infringe on two of NVIDIA's patents. However, the Korean company has been found to have infringed on a third patent.

The patent in question was said to be valid. NVIDIA's decision to go after Samsung remains undeterred despite the initial ruling. NVIDIA spokesperson Hector Marinez has expressed that the company remains "confident in our case". Samsung has not issued a statement regarding the case. In going after the well-known tech company, NVIDIA shows that it does not take patent issues lightly and intellectual property is of high value to it. 

Some Samsung gadgets are equipped with NVIDIA chips and a ban importing some of those products have been issued by NVIDIA. The products mentioned in the lawsuit are equipped with technology made by some of NVIDIA's biggest rivals. Tablet and smartphone models, such as Note Pro and Galaxy Tab S, are covered in the ban. 

Samsung has also been embroiled in a legal battle with software giant Microsoft. Last week, the Redmond company has been reported to have settled its patent issues with Google. No further details as to who has won the cases have been divulged. 

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