Hulu Will Be Releasing A Virtual Reality App

Virtual reality is indeed going beyond science fiction books, and is fast becoming a reality itself. With the reports of VR devices coming to the market in the following months, a variety of activities to be done using the gadgets are also being planned. Apps are being developed, and services are raring to bring their offerings to virtual reality for customers to enjoy. 

A few weeks back, it has been reported that Facebook is planning to sell movies and games through its Oculus Rift VR headset. Upcoming apps which will roll out on the Oculus Rift headset include streaming services. Movie production arms Lionsgate and 21st Century Fox have been announced to begin offering movies in the virtual reality headset. Now, streaming service Hulu has announced that it will release an app for the Samsung VR headset, which is powered by a software made by the Facebook-owned Oculus.

According to a report from Fortune, the new device will be on sale beginning on Nov. 27 this year. The Hulu app's debut is set to coincide with the headset's release. An exact date for the debut has not been confirmed. The Samsung VR headset is priced at $99. Hulu is a popular streaming service and is known to be a great competitor of Netflix, which is also currently experimenting with VR devices as platforms.

Hulu has first announced that it will delve into virtual reality in a September 24 blog post. "Providing viewers with dynamic environments of their choice and themed around their favorite shows provides a whole new level of engagement, which together with our cinematic VR experiences makes Hulu an exciting VR destination," Julian Eggebrecht, Hulu VP of Device Platforms, said  of the new venture,

With the new app, Hulu subscribers will be able to log in directly and enjoy the streaming offerings with their VR devices. The service is known for streaming shows such as Family Guy, Empire and Seinfeld. "Seinfeld fans can choose to be transported on to the blue couch in Jerry's iconic apartment to watch favorite episodes of the series." Hulu said of its newest development. 

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