Acer Reveals New All-In-One Windows 10 PC

Despite the continuous weakening of demands for PCs and tablet devices, hardware makers are still releasing new models of the gadgets, attempting to turn the tables around. Different features are added to the devices as people are preferring the portable all-in-one smartphones, which put everything the user needs in his pocket. Microsoft has just rolled out a new tablet model and the company's very first laptop, directly competing with Apple's Macbook Air.

Now, Taiwanese hardware maker Acer has released a convertible PC, the Aspire Z3-700. Recent releases and now this one, only go to show that portability is a key feature for the PC market. The new convertible PC runs the Windows 10 operating system, which includes internet browser Microsoft Edge and voice assistant Cortana. The device has been released in Taipei on Monday, Oct. 12.

Acer has been known in releasing quality products, Jason Chen, Corporate President and CEO, Acer stated in a release. "With Windows 10, we can now deliver a unique and consistent experience across our comprehensive product portfolio, be it notebooks, desktops, tablets or smartphones, and empower users to do great things with more personal and human technology," Chen added.

According to a PC World report, the convertible PC measures 17.3 inches and weighs 2 kilograms. The device has a full HD display of 1,920x1,080 pixel resolution. The Aspire Z3-700 also features a touchscreen and supports a stylus. It  has a detachable keyboard, making it one giant tablet when used without the keyboard. Powered by Intel processors, the device is said to be made especially for "infotainment" tasks. The deal-maker is a built-in 5-hour battery backup, which users can really maximize for both work and leisure. 

Availability dates and pricing for the Aspire Z3-700 in North America have not been specified yet. The company said, however, that it will ship the device in Europe, Middle East and Africa for 599 euros by the end of the year.

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